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What is the focus for Capricorn in 2019?

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2018 has changed your life and the way to look at it. Being a father or a grandfather could be one of the reasons.

There have been big changes in your house and you surely had to adapt to a new rhythm, a different structure. You are perfectly aware of what is going on and you have fully accepted your new responsibility. Your reliability and seriousness are well known.

Saturn, your ruling planet and Pluto, the agent of transformation, still occupy your sign in 2019. You will surprise yourself and others in showing another face to the world. Saturn is your planet, you behave responsively, you rarely go overboard. You give the good advice when needed and have a good attitude when facing problems.

The new structure you are putting in place might be hard work, but you will achieve your goals, if not in 2019, surely in 2020. The progress will be slow but worthy. Saturn will retrograde from April 29 to September 18, delays, frustrations and exhaustion are inevitable. Find out what isn’t satisfactory and why. What drains your energy?

Pluto will retrograde from April 24 to October 3, some questions are still unanswered, and you hate not being in control. Calm down and wait for better times. Uranus brings some instability under your roof, until March 6, when it enters Taurus. In this Earthy sign, you might feel you have to take care of yourself and enjoy life, more. It can even make you fall in love, again if you give it a chance.

Uranus will retrograde from August 12 to January 10, 2020, the second part of the year could be shaky and uncomfortable, don’t expect too much and you won’t be disappointed.

Neptune is still transiting the Pisces, its own sign, in 2019, your contacts with brothers, sisters and neighbors could be disappointing and disturbing, this year. You will be hurt but you won’t talk much about it. Neptune will retrograde from June 21 to November 27, you might have to cancel or postpone a long-distance trip. But you will surely take more short travels, near the water in 2019.

Jupiter is the joker of the zodiac game, it brings fun, laugh and positivity. In Sagittarius, its own sign, it will boost your confidence. You will have more empathy for your human fellows. 2019 is a year of positive introspection, a year of important growth.

Jupiter will retrograde from April 10 to August 11, your good luck will fade a little bit, it isn’t the proper time for taking risks. Just go with the flow!

In 2019, you are going to stick to your guns and go ahead, towards your goals and ambitions. You are planning on the long-term and you are consistent, your efforts will bear fruits, soon!

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