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What is a Horoscope?

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It is carried out on a wheel and shows:

– the 12 zodiac Signs

– the 12 Houses

– the positions of the planets

– the different angles (aspects) and important points (Ascendant. Descendant. MC. IC)

 An astrologer will tell you about the personality, the needs and the desires of the person, their weaknesses, strengths and much more. It will reveal a lot about their characteristics, their tastes, their expectations and their attitude in life. It can uncover past wounds and predict future astrological influences. Astrology is based on Mythology, and Symbolism is the key. The positions of the planets are astronomical (from the Ephemerides), but their interpretation will depend on the astrologer. The astrologer’s intuition plays a big part in the whole process. Let’s take a closer look to a birth chart.

The Planets

The Sun will give information on the energy of the person, their drive and the way they function.

The Moon will give information on the emotional state of someone and the way they express their feelings.

Mercury will tell how the mind is working, how the person is communicating with others.

Venus will tell about the possibility of giving and receiving love. The attitude towards money as well.

Mars will say if the person is bossy, reactive, demanding, aggressive or dominated.

Jupiter talks about enthusiasm, joy and pleasure. But it can lead to excess!

Saturn is the teacher, it will test a person’s limits and the resilience. And patience too, surely!

Uranus is disturbing, it brings news, both bad and good. Unsettling planet. Unexpected events!

Neptune is the soft one, bringing dreaminess and compassion. Creativity and intuition!

Pluto is the one that brings change and transformation. Death and rebirth!

The Signs

Aries: Adventurous. Enthusiastic. Impulsive

Taurus: Determined. Reliable. Possessive.

Gemini: Adaptable. Talkative. Inconsistent.

Cancer: Protective. Intuitive. Overemotional.

Leo: Broad-minded. Creative. Intolerant.

Virgo: Analytical. Practical. Overcritical.

Libra: Sociable. Idealistic. Indecisive

Scorpio: Passionate. Forceful. Obsessive.

Sagittarius: Jovial. Straightforward. Restless.

Capricorn: Disciplined. Humorous. Rigid.

Aquarius: Independent. Inventive. Detached.

Pisces: Intuitive. Imaginative. Escapist.

The Ascendant and the Houses

The Ascendant will show how the person will adapt to their environment. It shows how they really are. The Ascendant is the beginning of the House 1.

House 1: The self. Personality. Physical characteristics.

House 2: Possessions. Partnerships. Financial security.

House 3: Communication. Travels. Siblings and neighbors.

House 4: Home. Family. Too much focus on the past.

House 5: Love. Children. Passions and creativity.

House 6: Physical health. Service. Daily work.

House 7: Marriage. Partnerships. Commitment.

House 8: Shared money. Inheritance. Sexuality.

House 9: Studies. Far-away travels. Religion and philosophy.

House 10: Career. Social and public life. Responsibilities.

House 11: Friendships. Projects. Humanitarian activities.

House 12: Work behind the scene. Seclusion. Sacrifice.

The Aspects and Transits

The Aspects found in the Birth chart are a source of insight and interesting questions. The Transits and Progressions can provide valuable information on the future.

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