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Taurus Horoscope for March 2019

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Uranus enters Taurus

Uranus leaves Aries and enters your Sign March 6, you are going to be challenged, your stability and your placid pace and attitude might change tremendously. Uranus will stay in your sign until July 2025, take it easy, you will have time and opportunities to get used to it. You need to be more flexible and to follow the flow!

Venus enters Aquarius

You can expect some new activity in your work or career from March 1. With this position, Venus is detached from emotions. You will have some unusual and unconventional moves that might surprise others. You will develop more interest in money matters and could find means to achieve your professional goals and ambitions. 

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

When Mercury retrogrades, from March 5 to 28, things go weird and your will need a lot of patience as your projects can be blocked or even changed. Your imagination will take you away from reality but you won’t be able to cope with the “ups and downs” of your situation. Some friendships can vanish while old ones reappear!

New Moon 16o Pisces

The New Moon in Pisces March 6, can make you dream big time, but be aware of the instability of the situation. Don’t make long-term plans as stability isn’t part of the scene. You could take care of a sick friend or even have to rescue someone from a difficult position. Your kind, generous and compassionate nature will be appreciated!

Sun enters Aries

As the Sun enters Aries March 20, you might experience tiredness and lassitude. It’s time to slow down the pace and even, to take some time off. You need solitude and rest to recharge your batteries and nature is strongly recommended. You will appreciate being outside and having some fun and relaxing time!

Full Moon 0o Libra

The focus of this Full Moon in Libra March 21, will be on your personal agenda, your daily routine and your health. You might have to change something to improve the situation, to get more balance in your life. You surely know already what to get rid of, in order to live more peacefully. Good resolutions are welcome!

Mercury Direct in Pisces

Finally, Mercury goes Direct March 28, you will find it easier to communicate with friends, especially if a relationship has suffered. It’s time to forgive and forget, it’s time to go ahead with your projects, without looking behind. You had plenty of time to sort things out and to organize your future moves!

Mars in Gemini

Mars leaves your Sign March 30 to enter Gemini, your values and beliefs are much clearer now and you are free to pursue your objectives. Money matters are going to keep you focused and determined, you are going to fight for your rights. But don’t force your point of view on others if you want to be followed!

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