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Leo Horoscope for March 2019

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March will bring about a focus on your career and an awareness that it isn’t the best time for action. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, could come with a better option but this is a time for preparation. Investigate and research but avoid precipitation. You’ll get the go ahead in April!

Venus enters Aquarius

With Venus entering Aquarius on March 1st, you’re going to favor your partnerships. You’ll have a lot on your plate between professional projects and your social life, and your couple might end up on the back burner. Plan some romantic dinners if you don’t want your spouse to complain!

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

As Mercury Retrogrades from March 5th until March 28th, you can expect financial delays. It won’t be easy to communicate and nothing will go as you planned. But don’t deny or postpone your partner’s needs if you don’t want to feel ignored or rejected!

Uranus enters Taurus

Uranus is changing Sign on March 6th in Taurus until 2025, so expect some major changes in your career. It won’t be easy but you will have time to get ready and organized, nothing will be a complete surprise. Changes are going to be quite challenging, as you favor routine and habit!

New Moon 16o Pisces

March 6th, the New Moon in Pisces can indicate a completely new direction or encourage a new project. But you should get more information before committing, the situation will lack clarity and consistency. As Mercury Retrogrades until April, it isn’t a good time for new beginnings!

Sun enters Aries

We will get a boost of energy on March 20th, as the Sun enters Aries. You could travel overseas on holiday, but if the timing isn’t right, settle on simply researching your future potential destination. Outdoor activities will make you feel good!

Full Moon 0o Libra

You could schedule a last-minute booking on March 21st, with the Full Moon in Libra. This is the perfect opportunity to make peace between yourself and your partner. Bring back the balance and harmony to your relationship, put in effort and you will reap the rewards.

Mercury Direct in Pisces

With Mercury going Direct again on March 28th, the various misunderstandings, delays and disturbances should calm down and disappear soon after. You will be able to express what you really think, clearly and without hesitation. Your co-workers will be open to your ideas!

Mars enters Gemini

Mars in leaving placid Taurus for speedy Gemini on March 30th, you’ll find yourself feeling impatient and wanting to take action, now. Your energy will translate into excessive chatter.

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