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Horoscopes for March 2019

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March 1:

With Venus entering Aquarius, we are going to experience love that will focus on friendship and similarity of tastes and values. Venus in Aquarius is free of commitment, she wants the fun of a relationship without the weight of daily life. Venus in Aquarius is activating social life, multiplying activities around a common goal or cause.

March 5 to 28:

While Mercury is retrograding in Pisces, in March, we can’t’ expect certainty or stability. Communication won’t be easy as it won’t be clear and this might lead to illusions, dreams misunderstandings and even, lies. Don’t make promises, don’t embark on a new path before April when you have all clues in hand.

March 6:

With Uranus changing sign, leaving the impetuous Aries for the grounded Taurus this month, we can expect important changes in financial systems and organizations. The earth and the agriculture will be handed differently. The way we’ve been feeding ourselves will be transformed and bettered. It is a completely new cycle coming our way!

March 6:

New Moon in Pisces will allow imagination and creativity to be expressed, smoothly. We are invited to take our dreams on board, to follow our gut feelings and to trust our intuition. It’s the perfect time to launch a project linked to arts or anything related to compassion. It would be necessary to take anyone’s feelings seriously.

March 20:

Sun enters Aries; this is the beginning of an exciting period of the year as Spring is coming. There is a vibrant energy going around and we’d better be ready for our new adventure. This is a time for action if we have been well-organized and have been waiting for pushing the Start button. Get involved and go on, without hesitation!

March 21:

Full Moon 0o Libra; all our efforts bring balance into our relationship and will be rewarded. It’s a period where respect and equilibrium will be aimed, where power will be shared. Arts and beauty will help feeling better, music and poetry will have a smoothing effect. Time to relax, enjoying the simple pleasures of life!

March 28:

Mercury Direct in Pisces; if we have been wise enough to wait until Mercury goes Direct again, we will enjoy the results of our patience and our willingness to help and protect others. It’s time to realize you plans, to solidify the ideas that have blossomed in your head, to finally achieve your impossible dream!

March 30:

Mars enters Gemini; we can expect people to be more active, more talkative and restless, as well. Mars in Gemini will force curiosity and flexibility, studying, traveling and gathering will be favored. We might lack profundity, giving advantage to fun and positive thinking. Avoid imposing your beliefs and points of view!

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