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Horoscope 2021:enthusiasm but care on the agenda.

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Be bold

The Saturn/Uranus square on June 14 will encourageto be cautious and not claim victory too quickly, but the sky shall then warm up and trigger pleasure, to honor talents and creations. It’ll now be time to discover and enthusiastically showcase the luminous sideof the things which each one will be provided with.

Things need to get moving

Move, change, start again on a new foundation will be the leitmotif of the summer. Mercury in Gemini until July 11 shall claim its right to speak, and friendly relations. It’s not given that this big talker appreciates social distancing. Several concepts to talk freely are in store. Unprecedented leads should be dug deeper, even if it will take time to make the most ofthese, explains Saturn in Aquarius. Retrograde, the planet of time shall press pause to give us a breather and find the right way to get a change of scene, purify and reinvent. In theAir sign, social relations will be favored. Great ideas will only be useful if they are shared before being implemented.

Chin up!

Mercury will continue its visitin Cancer to meet, support each other in family, then in Leo from July 29 to August 11, highlighting the need to speak from the heart and to speak up, in order to be heard. In Virgo until August 30, the planet of communication will be concise and efficient in coming up with pragmatic solutions. From June 11 to July 29, Mars in Leo will warm up hearts while Jupiter shall offer a welcome truce through its visit in Pisces, its other favorite sign, before joining Aquarius again.

Love will turn into a priority with Venus,and it’ll strive to unite couples and make singletons come across romance, who can’t stand emotional loneliness of the previous months.

Loving each other a little, a lot, passionately, madly for one night or for life will be the mottofor this summer 2021.

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