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Goodbye 2017!

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Topics will be mellow and positive, as it should be on New Year’s Eve and people will gather cheerfully and spontaneously.
But it could be stormy for others as Mars, the warrior will tend to show off and take advantage of the situation.
Moon will leave Gemini and join Cancer early, on 1st of January.
Home will be the place to be, it will feel safer to stay away from crowds and noises.
It will be a time for intimacy and renewal, it’ll be time to share with family members and loved ones. Given that Cancer is protective and sensitive, we can expect a protective start 2018 onwards!

Ending 2017 with fanfare and fun!

The Gemini Moon is perfect for finishing the present year, it will bring some relief and some excitement to the celebrations.
Geminis are inspirational, they are fast, witty and curious, they are nevertheless analytical and open to new experiences which is the perfect recipe for a great night out!
On December 28, the Mars Neptune trine will encourage actions, according to one’s desires.
Neptune will sextile Sun and Venus at the beginning of January, and highlights that taking initiatives will be successful. Focusing on your goals is the key as long as you don’t walk on someone’s feet.

Time for rewards!

Uranus will head directly to Aries on January 2, after a 5 months retro-gradation period. You won’t accept to status quo any longer, you will feel ready to move on, to embark on a new venture.
On the same day, the Full Moon in Cancer will point out the new direction your life is going to take.
Mars and Jupiter both in Scorpio, will intensify relationships for the best or the worst, depending on your situation.
The closeness of the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn could pinpoint the early stage of a big transformation.
Any change leads to fears, the unknown is scary for some and this period isn’t going to be different.
We can make your dreams come true if you have wished for what you need.
The Mercure Uranus trine and the Mars Jupiter conjunction on January 7, are surely supportive.
The sextiles Jupiter Sun and Jupiter Venus on January 8, not to mention Mars and Pluto too are sure signs of success and happiness. Follow your heart’s desires and go for it!
Starting 2018 with hopes. Happy New Year !

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