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Chinese Horoscope 2018 Year of the Dog

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Every animal in the Chinese horoscope is associated with one of the 5 elements and 2018 is the year of the Earth Dog with a Yang energy. It is a year of hard work and it will be done with care and seriousness. There will be more action and a need for justice. Family and loyalty in relationships will be important.

It will be a time of good fortune and improved communication. It will require commitment and consistency. It is the perfect timing for lifestyle changes and relocation. The Dog symbolizes generosity and innovation, thus 2018 could be a year of great progress.

Chinese Astrology is linked to Feng Shui, it will show which direction you should take at home, the workplace and what to do to get positive energy.

What to expect in 2018 if you were born under the following sign


Creative inspiration but delays in projects.
Need good relationships with colleagues to succeed in career.
Favorable wedding plans for couples.
Prone to accidents if not getting enough sleep.
Warm up before exercising.


More active and improvement in career.
Beware of financial loss and bad investments.
Love relationships might suffer if spent too much time working.
Avoid taking risks in sports.
Caring for an elder relative is possible.

– OX

Efforts and patience needed with business partners.
Financial issues with loans. Disputes.
Travelling will improve love relationship. Good social events.
Emotional year. Insomnia.
Time out and in contact with nature will be rewarding.


Recognition from your superiors. Promotion and pay rise.
Good for studies. Changes in work.
Caution when dealing with money matters.
Love life difficult if not enough time and desire to look after it.
Good health if good food and enough rest.


Better year, less setbacks. Talents expressed in the workplace.
Financial losses in case of unhealthy love relationships.
Friends play part in meeting people. Possible affairs.
Watch out for signs of physical and mental fatigue.
Balanced lifestyle keeps diseases away.


A year full of ups and downs. Poor luck.
Positive initiatives for a change. Keep moving ahead!
Time for preparation more than for new beginnings.
Don’t act impulsively to avoid arguments.
Good diet, plenty of rest and hunger for success.


Lucky year. Successful career. Better income.
Avoid consuming habits and overspending.
Don’t jump to conclusions or commit too quickly in love.
Need to relax and eliminate negative thoughts.
Delays in trips, and possible lost luggage.


Expansion, honors and fame. Buying a house.
Active social life but overspending and expensive tastes.
Travelling for work beneficial. Beware of gossip.
Avoid unhealthy relationships and love affairs.
Accident prone if nervous and tired.


Peaceful mind and optimism. Good opportunities abroad.
Influent friends ready to help personal development.
Recreational activities and helpful to others.
Beware of bad communication with partners.
Respiratory problems may occur. Relaxation needed.


Beneficial for students and those of you sitting exams.
Travel to distant places for better work opportunities.
Unstable financial position. Help elderly relatives.
Arguments and troubled relationships for couples.
Avoid dangerous activities and stay safe when playing sports.


Hard work, opportunities bring professional success.
Promotion within current company, higher responsibilities.
Existing relationships will deepen.
Need to adapt to new settings to avoid stress, insomnia.
Healthy diet and lifestyle to prevent digestive problems.


Things to celebrate, rewards and promotions.
Avoid speculation and poor investments. A robbery is possible.
Good for creative and artistic backgrounds.
Great year to get married. And be pregnant!
Careful when driving. Health issues for older males.





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