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What does 1111 signify?

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Angels are spirit messengers from the Universe. They use Numbers to communicate with us. Use your intuition, it’s worth being open, they can send you promptings and specific messages to guide you. But don’t forget, the Universe will fulfill your needs, not your desires. It could even be a wake-up call, a code for activation the Angels are sending you, if you often come across 1111. Sometimes, it could lead to the study of numerology.

In Numerology

1 is determination, independence and leadership. It reminds us that we create our reality with our thoughts, our beliefs, our intentions and finally our actions.

1111 will intensify these tendencies as 1 is repeated 4 times.

It will bring new beginnings, initiative and tenacity.


4 is about security, strength, material order and mastery. It is related to the home and family.

In Tarot

1 is the Bateleur. It has to do with new beginnings

and individuality. Determination and courage.

In Astrology

1 relates to the sign of Aries which means independence, adventure and initiative.

In daily life

When 1111 appears repeatedly, you will see strange coincidences and synchronicities come into your life. There is a major change or a shift of some kind coming your way. It is important to be optimistic if you want to make your thoughts a reality. Positive thinking is capital, forget about your fears and doubts and focus on your dreams. You might need to change your thinking, if you doubt and fear the upcoming events.

It would be good to pay special attention to your thoughts and to your dreams as well, as they can be bearers of the answers you are looking for. Angel 1111 is encouraging and helping you to realize what your mission is. It will guide you so, you can find your direction and your purpose in life. It will inspire you and show you how to create your reality.

It will confirm that you are on the right path, that your efforts are worthy and that you should go on and pound away. With a more positive and optimistic attitude, you will be able to see and grab onto the various opportunities around you.

Don’t underestimate yourself, you can do it! Whatever are your goals and your ambitions, you will be helped and supported by the Angel 1111. This could be a wake-up call, don’t ignore it!

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