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The Guardian Angels

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The Guardian Angels are considered as Messengers of God. There are 72 Guardian Angels. They are devoted to a specific person, group or country and they bring protection when one is facing a danger or significant stress. Every human being has at least one Guardian Angel, to guide him along his life. We can trace the Guardian Angel belief throughout history. We can find them in Christianity, Judaism and the Islamic religion as well. They have been assigned to each of us so that we keep away from sin and sorrow. They are supposed to carry God’s love and care. They protect us from negativity and should be a source of inspiration. Being in touch with them, talking to them on a regular basis will intensify their support and their efficiency. One needs to call upon them, in order to be answered and blessed!

Who are your Guardian Angels?

Professors Kaya and Christiane Muller in “The book of Angels, The Hidden Secrets”, can identify and tell who your Guardian Angels are, according to your date, day and time of birth. They think that we have 3 Guardian Angels. The first Guardian Angel is linked to our body and our actions. The second one to our emotions and our feelings. The third one will make an impact on your thinking. Let’s try their formula for a baby born 2018/01/07 at 1.11 AM.

According to their calculations, the baby is under the protection of:

-58 Yeialel    Physical FIRST Guardian Angel

Calms cerebral activity, helps concentration, fights manipulation and stubbornness.

– 71 Haiaiel    Emotional SECOND Guardian Angel

Brings divine protection to make right decisions at the right time. Protects from betrayal.

– 4 Elemiah   Intellectual THIRD Guardian Angel

Helps against pessimism and turmoil. Encourages positive thinking and good will.

Here are the 72 Guardian Angels that guide and protect our life:

1 Vehuiah

2 Jeliel

3 Sitael

4 Elemiah

5 Mahasiah

6 Lelahel

7 Achaiah

8 Cahetel

9 Haziel

10 Aladiah

11 Lauviah

12 Hahaiah

13 Iezalel

14 Mebahel

15 Hariel

16 Hekamiah

17 Lauviah

18 Caliel

19 Leuviah

20 Pahaliah

21 Nelkhael

22 Yeiayel

23 Melahel

24 Haheuiah

25 Nith-Haiah

26 Haaiah

27 Yerathel

28 Seheiah

29 Reiyel

30 Omael

31 Lecabel

32 Vasariah

33 Yehuiah

34 Lehahiah

35 Chavakhiah

36 Menadel

37 Aniel

38 Haamiah

39 Rehael

40 Ieiazel

41 Hahahel

42 Mikael

43 Veuliah

44 Yelahiah

45 Sealiah

46 Ariel

47 Asaliah

48 Mihael

49 Vehuel

50 Daniel

51 Hahasiah

52 Imamiah

53 Nanael

54 Nithael

55 Mebahiah

56 Poyel

57 Nemamiah

58 Yeialel

59 Harahel

60 Mitzrael

61 Umabel

62 Iahhel

63 Anauel

64 Mehiel

65 Damabiah

66 Manakel

67 Eyael

68 Habuhiah

69 Rochel

70 Jabamiah

71 Haiaiel

72 Mumiah


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