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Numerology is the study of the numerical value of the letters. It is the easiest of the occult arts to use as you only need the birth date and the name of an individual to unlock the secrets of the numbers. There is a mystical relationship between numbers that Numerology can explain and demonstrate. The accuracy of a Numerology report will definitely surprise you, it will help you understand the dynamics at work.

How does it work?

Using your full name and your date of birth with different patterns will give you the 3 important numbers that rule your destiny. There are 9 numbers (1 to 9) and Master Numbers such as 11, 22… You have to reduce any bigger number to a single digit or a Master Number. Each number represents specific characteristics and personality traits. Master Numbers are more powerful, they can bring excellence but always bring hard work and require resilience.

The Life Path number is calculated from your date of birth. You will get it from adding the month, day and year digits, reducing them to get a single digit.

For Princess Diana (Diana Frances Spencer) born July 1,1961, you will get:


Her Life Path Number is 7

The Life Path Number gives you indication of your life purpose. It will tell what obstacles and challenges you might face.

The Expression or Destiny Number is calculated from your full name (middle name included).

You will get it in adding all the letters value of your full name such in:

Diana Frances Spencer

4+9+1+5+1 6+9+1+5+3+5+1 1+7+5+5+3+5+9=85=13=4

Her Expression Number is 4

The Expression Number will highlight your talents and your potential. Your weaknesses will appear, allowing you to work on them.

The Personality Number is calculated with the consonants of your full name.

You will get it in adding all the consonants value of your full name such in:

Diana Frances Spencer

4+5  6+9+5+3+1 1+7+5+3+9=58=13=4

Her Personality Number is   4

The Personality Number describes how you present yourself to others. What you are willing to share and reveal to others. It relates to your inner nature.

The Soul Urge or Heart’s desires Number is calculated with the vowels of your full name.

You will get it in adding all the vowels value of your full name such in:

Diana Frances Spencer

9+1+1 1+5 5+5=27=9

Her Soul Urge is 9

The Soul Urge Number speaks about your ideals, your dreams and your aspirations and motivations. A Numerology report could surprise you by its accuracy and the numerous insights you would get from it. It is fun and it can help understand yourself and others better.

Numbers meaning at work

The Life Path Number meaning

1 creativity, independence, achievement.

2 intuitive, patient, diplomatic.

3 artistic, communicative, smart.

4 dependable, loyal, hardworking.

5 adventurous, resilient, fun.

6 responsible, supportive, devoted.

7 analytical, intuitive, truth-seeker. 

8 powerful, influential, generous.

9 compassionate, charitable, idealistic.

11 artistically creative and psychically gifted.

22 loyal, hardworking, practical knowledge.

The Expression Number meaning

1 strength and perseverance, strong personality.

2 tact and finesse, great sensitivity, vulnerable.

3 vitality and mobility, influential and inspirational.

4 reliable, responsible, seriously committed.   

5 gifts of communication, youthful and enthusiast. 

6 artistic, counselor and healer,

7 clarities of thought, perseverance, resilience.

8 high ideals, excellence, successful.

9 idealistic, inspiring, positive.   

11 charming, vulnerable, unrealistic.

22 strong intuition, self-confident, powerful.

The Personality Number meaning

1 independent, having own ideas of how to do things. 

2 listeners, making others feel loved.

3 extroverted, optimistic, the life of the party. 

4 emotional, protective, intuitive.

5 undisciplined, independent, rebellious.

6 in service, vulnerable to praise and criticism.

7 intellectual, proud, a bit arrogant.

8 enthusiasts, confident, competent. 

9 kind and sympathetic, helpful.

11 sweet, supportive, radiate warmth.

22 dedicated, good provider and protector.

The Soul Urge Number meaning

1 wants to be the best at everything.

2 needs for acknowledgment from everyone.

3 needs to communicate in order to inspire others.

4 needs of order, stability and security.

5 wants fun and never boring. 

6 wants to save the world, agent of change. 

7 looks for knowledge, practical and creative. 

8 wants positions of power and money.

9 needs to let go, to release old attachments.

11 looks for leadership and achievement.

22 needs to build projects, humanitarian. 

There is much more to discover with Numerology and you will not be disappointed if you are looking for some directions in life. It will help you understand others as well and it can help improving relationships. It would be easy to compare the different Numbers for two people and check if there is a possible future for them, either in a love relationship or a business one. Numerology might be more reliable than some other occult techniques as numbers don’t lie. And you can play with the digits, all by yourself!

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