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Friday, May 13, 2022: Have you made all your arrangements?

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If there is one date that particularly arouses fear and fantasies, it is Friday the 13th! For some people, this date would bring bad luck, for others on the contrary it would bring good luck and the statistics of the players of the national lottery, in clear increase on this date, show well to what point this belief is alive. But where does it come from?

The origins of Friday the 13th 

The explanation most commonly given by historians is that this « superstition » dates back to the arrest on the same day, Friday 13 October 1307, of all the Templars, including their Grand Master Jacques de Molay, who is said to have pronounced a curse at the stake that led to the death of both the king and the pope the same year. But if you look closely, the belief in the harmful influences of Friday the 13th is more ancient. Thus, Good Friday is the day when Jesus was crucified, betrayed by Judas, who was designated by Christ himself during the last supper, the Last Supper, where there were 13 guests at the table. A similar myth comes from Norse mythology where Loki, god of evil and lies, invites himself as the 13th guest at the table of the gods and kills the son of Odin. For the Greeks, the 13th breaks the harmony of the 12th (the 12 signs) by adding a unity and in the
Tarot, the thirteenth arcana, still called the nameless card, represents death in the form of the reaper.

Nothing very cheerful in all this… and yet, there is another way to see things, much more positive. If 13 and its arcana are there to show us that we should not focus our whole life on material goods which are only transitory, it is interesting to see that in numerology 1, the origin, the primordial unity, split in 2 poles (masculine/feminine, Spirit/matter) generated the 3. This is the trinity or Trimurti found in many traditions. Now 1 +3=4, the square symbolizing the material world. By the action of man on it we obtain 4 +1=5, the pentagram or Vitruvian man of Da Vinci. If we add this 1 to 13 we get 14, the Temperance card in the Tarot, which shows us the fluidity and abundance of celestial and financial influences.

Thus, there is no fatality and man, through the power of his psyche and his visualization, has the power to act on the world around him and to attract prosperity. On the other hand, Friday is the day of Venus, planet considered to be beneficial both on the love and financial level, because it governs the solar houses VII (marriage) and II (finances).

And this Friday, May 13, 2022?

So what about this Friday, May 13, 2022, which is due to arrive soon? On this day, the Moon will cross the sign of Libra which is one of the signs of Venus’ control. The natives of this sign will therefore be particularly favored on this day, especially those of the 1st and last decans who will benefit from an undeniable capital of sympathy from the people with whom they will be in contact. Gemini and Sagittarius could find true love on this day, provided they are willing to make compromises and commitments. They will also be the luckiest people in the game on this day. Traveling Aquarians could have some great experiences, but still be careful with their spending. Other signs will probably have to be more vigilant on this day. For example, Aries and Capricorn should avoid signing any contracts, whether for sale, purchase or otherwise on this day, as complications and disagreements could arise. For Cancers, it is within the family sphere that tensions could erupt. It’s best to postpone any family gatherings. Other signs, not mentioned, will feel little of the effects of this fateful date.

Little tip

In any case, if you wish to benefit from the energies of this particular day, wear green and concentrate on a shamrock that you will hold in your right hand and project your intentions and desires onto it. You will thus realize the 1 +3 +1 and attract to you luck and prosperity. Then keep this plant on you or in your wallet. It will bring you luck.

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