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Your month of May: time for renewal

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Week of May 1 to 8, 2022

May 1, the day of Beltaine for the Celts, is a good day for unions and oaths of love. Venus will enter in sextile to Pluto. Be open to very powerful spiritual influences on this day which will help you change your life in depth, despite the resistance due to the fact that the Moon will be joined with Uranus and squared to Saturn. On the 2nd, Venus enters Aries, its sign of exile. To avoid love conflicts or destructive passions, wear opals, copper, and favor green in your clothes, at least until she enters Taurus on the 29th. On the 3rd, it is Jupiter’s turn to enter in sextile with Pluto and on the 4th, Mars will enter in sextile with Uranus. Take the opportunity to meditate or take a long walk alone in the forest, especially if you wish to give new momentum to your professional life, to give it a more spiritual and human meaning. This week, as you would have understood, will be favorable for big decisions, but before applying them concretely, let the Sun-Uranus conjunction of the 5th pass and wait for its sextile with Mars on the 7th.

Week of May 9 to 15, 2022

On the 10th Mercury goes retrograde and will remain so until June 4. Take advantage of this period to reflect, to examine your ideas and opinions which are sometimes obsolete and thus open yourself to new perspectives, sort out your relationships and « friends ». On the same day, Jupiter enters Aries and will remain there until October 29. Take advantage of the tremendous energy of renewal and optimism that this planet will bring you to launch new projects or ventures. This will be a good time to plan a long trip or simply a long hike that will bring you inspiration and a powerful drive. Wearing turquoise will be a plus. On the 15th, Saturn in square to the Sun could cause some blockages, but Neptune will help you to gain height. Ask the universe for help, advice, guidance, you will be heard and granted.

Week of May 16 to 22, 2022

On May 16, there will be an important Full Moon in Scorpio, the Wesak Moon, which, of Buddhist origin, has become the occasion for a worldwide meditation aiming, through the union of Eastern and Western spiritualities, to bring down beneficial influences on the Earth to contribute to peace and happiness for humanity. Why not light a stick of incense and join the movement? This will bring light and change into your life. On the 18th, Mars will enter into conjunction with Neptune favoring illusion and misguidance. It’s best to avoid any divination or tarot readings on this day. Wearing a Lapis Lazuli will help you to keep some foresight. On May 20 and 21, you will benefit from the Jupiter-Mercury sextile and its conjunction to the Sun in Gemini which will favor study, especially of subjects related to spirituality or esotericism, and communication. Last but not least, on the 22nd, the sextile of Mars to Pluto will help you to put into practice, in your daily life, the spiritual inspiration received.

Week of May 23 to 31, 2022 

On the 24th, it will be Mars’ turn to enter Aries, his sign of control where he will remain until July 29th. This is the time to get back into sports or to try to exceed your limits, the time to undertake renovation work, to create a business or an association. To help you, wear red jasper or a tiger’s eye. On the 25th, Mercury will be in trine with Pluto, favoring social and professional progress. Choose this day to apply for a new job, to conclude a contract. Wear a green jasper and success will be on your side. On the 27th, beware of the risk of romantic disputes. Keep your cool and, if possible, postpone any discussion or appointment until the next day, the 28th, when Venus will enter her sign of control, Taurus. It will then be easier for you to talk calmly and peacefully. On the 29th, Mars will enter in conjunction with Jupiter. Don’t be afraid to embark on big projects, to try to break sports records, because your energy will be increased by tenfold. On the 30th, New Moon in Gemini, light a candle and make your wishes for the current lunation. They will have more chances of success if they concern studies or training, business or the making or resuming of contact with a friend or loved one. Speech and communication will also be favored.

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