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Your Christmas gift list according to your sign

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The planets have a flair… And this year, it smells like a tree, you’re not going to tell us otherwise. In close collaboration with the stars, our astro-coach of the editor has concocted a customized gift list for you. If you’re still lacking inspiration, then this is the article for you! As it’s Christmas and because we’re nice to the editors, we’ll give you some ideas, it’s a gift!

Here’s what you can ask Santa for based on your sign:

Aries: Action and originality! In your wildest dreams: a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia. But a poster of « Chicken dance » will fit your office!

Taurus: The pleasure of the senses! Lovers of the art of living. You secretly hope for a voucher in the best SPA in town, but a box of Swiss chocolates will be a genuine treasure too.

Gemini: Well, you’re creative! You need a gift that stimulates your neurons. Ideally? A game: quiz, power 4, memory, in short, you have a lot to choose from. Monopoly? To be able to play it with your friends.

Cancer: Emotional! A side that traces your life, from your first steps through your first school Christmas show right until today! Or maybe a little decoration for your home sweet home.

Lion: The best of the best! Tickets for the Champions League, and if the wallet does not allow it, we fall back on tickets for the next game of the Lakers!

Virgo: Join useful with the pleasant. With you, one must bet on sure values. So the latest steamer or a humidifier, it’s all done!

Libra: Elegance. With you, in order not to miss out, one must bet on well-being and cosmetics. The basics!

Scorpio: Big thrills. Adrenaline shots? You live for it! A parachute jump or a driving course on the greatest circuits. An escape game, it’s possible!

Sagittarius: Get away from everything! A weekend in one of the trendiest cities in Europe. To travel while staying at home, « Around the world in 80 days » by J. Vernes is the cheap alternative!

Capricorn: Classic and authentic. To hit the bull’s eye, you must rely on tradition. A good bottle of spirit or a leather belt, vegan leather works too!

Aquarius: It must dazzle. Because you have 2.0 tastes, the latest smartphone, a connected watch, Bluetooth headphones or a simple digital gift.

Pisces: The unusual one. To hit the bull’s eye, you must rely on your intuitiveness. So, a course of meditation leaning on mindfulness or a masterclass with one of the most famous yogi masters of France and Navarre.

May the Christmas spirit be with you, little elf!

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