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All good things must come to an end, so the vacations are packed away in the cardboard suitcases. It is now time to go back to work, to school… Let’s see, for each of the 12 signs, how it will be.

ARIES: You will start the month of September with Mercury in opposition to your sign. This could cause some friction with colleagues or associates, especially for those born in the 1st decimal place and especially around the 3rd when Mercury will oppose Jupiter. However, Mars in Gemini will give you the necessary strength of persuasion to convince.

TAURUS: The passage of the Sun and, to a lesser extent, Venus, in the sign of Virgo will bring you the motivation and concentration necessary to conceive new professional projects. You will also be particularly keen to devote yourself to your children’s studies. Beware, around the 16th. The square of Mars to Venus could bring some unexpected financial problems.

GEMINI: Mars will transit your sign and could bring some small disturbances especially between September 1st and 8th when it will enter in square to the Sun and Venus successively causing some turmoil in your sentimental life and your emotional state. It will then be difficult for you to concentrate on your work. On the 1st, Mars in sextile to Jupiter could however offer you new professional opportunities.

CANCER: Transits of the Sun and Venus in Virgo will help you channel your emotions and rationalize them. This will make it easier for you to calm the anxieties you feel when your children have to go back to school. Your ability to concentrate and analyze will be at its best when you return to work. Some tension is possible at work around September 1.

 LEO: The first two weeks of September will not be very favorable for business, especially if you are self-employed or a business owner. The Sun and Mars in your 2nd house, the house of money and finance, will be in square to Mars in your 10th house, the house of career. Avoid, during this period, getting involved in anything too risky. Choose security instead.

VIRGO: The Sun and Venus will be crossing your sign this fall. An influx of money is not impossible around the 1st. On the 16th, the square of Venus to Mars could incite you to launch into an action, a project that could cost you much more financially than what it will bring you. Avoid blindly following the advice of friends who may not be so well informed.

LIBRA: On this September 1st, Mercury in your sign will oppose Jupiter in Aries which could lead to disagreements with your hierarchy. Fortunately Mars in Gemini will allow you to resolve the situation with finesse and firmness at the same time. Beware around October 16, if you are a student, of additional expenses that you may not have anticipated. From the 24th onwards the Sun will enter your sign and will once again favor good understanding at work.

SCORPIO: The presence of the Sun and Venus in Virgo will favor the implementation of projects requiring precision and analysis. You will be perfect in this role, but your whole-hearted and hard-nosed character could lead you to get into a spat with colleagues, or even clients, especially around September 16. Try to put your emotions aside before you speak.

SAGITTARIUS: This new school year will start with new demands on you, especially during the first half of September when you could be reproached for not being picky enough and perfectionist in your work or studies. Similarly, you will have to be particularly attentive to one of your children who could start this new school year with a rather indecisive state of mind, not knowing how to find their right place. Your role as educator will be essential.

CAPRICORN: This new school year will start with a lot of excitement. You will be asked to do a lot, probably too much for your taste, and you will be able to make your point of view known and heard. The period around the 19th, when the Sun will enter in sextile with Pluto transiting your sign, will begin a period rather favorable to professional projects and to academic success for students.

AQUARIUS: This fall will be a memorable one for you, dear Aquarius. In early September, Mars in your 5th house will be in sextile to Jupiter in your 3rd house. Your creativity will be strongly stimulated and you will be eager to start new things, to move the lines. You will also be able to communicate your enthusiasm and thirst for learning to your children. At the end of September, Mars’ trine to Saturn will be a factor of professional ascension.

PISCES: This fall could bring its share of disappointments. This could range from a contract not being renewed to lower than expected sales if you work in business. Be patient, because things will be much better from September 18 onwards when the Sun in Virgo enters in sextile to Pluto in your 11th house, the house of projects, clients and especially earnings from your profession.

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