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Why he/she ignores you according to his/her astro sign

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It was obvious, you probably didn’t come across this article by chance. You’re probably wondering why your crush has suddenly become cold and distant overnight. Our astrologer has investigated the matter and gives you tips directly with the stars!  So, relax, there’s no need to get all worked up!

So here is why your crush ignores you according to his/her sign astro : 

Aries: There is a chance that your relationship is strained!  He/she runs away as soon as complications arise.

Taurus: This person focuses on career before crushes. He/she is not the type to handle two things at once, so you take a back seat to his job. Well yes, no pain no gain!

Gemini: Doesn’t like to get bored. For him/her, every day must be like July 14 so if you are a pajama/slippers fan, there is a good chance that he/she will ghost you out!

Cancer: This person easily gets hurt, do not forget that it is one of the most sensitive of the zodiac. So, he/she prefers to ignore your calls. And this can go on for a long time!  Take it easy.

Leo: When his/her pride is hurt. Then this person establishes a distance with you that is as far as Paris-Tokyo!

Virgo:  This person needs space. Keep in mind that Virgo is a great drama queen, so if he/she sets sail suddenly, it is not a good sign. Don’t touch his/her living space, okay?

Libra:  Too much hesitation kills hesitation. Yes, when he/she doesn’t really know what he wants, you feel like this person doesn’t care about you! And that’s not wrong.

Scorpio: Major jealousy. As soon as he/she smells the competition, he tends to backpedal and leave you on the side of the road!

Sagittarius: Lack of interest. If he/she considers you more of an option than a priority, then to avoid you, he/she will shy away from you and hope you understand!

Capricorn: This person got offended. And chances are, your behavior has something to do with it!  So, get your head around it.

Aquarius: There could be monotony. If you do not stick to his/her ideal, then he will say bye-bye and play the indifference card.

Pisces: Too many feelings, too many emotions, too much attention, in short, as soon as this person feels overwhelmed, he/she runs away.

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