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When the Moon is in Aries, you need to take it easy and slow down before making a choice or a decision. Your mind and your body will go too fast, you will be accident prone if you don’t pay more attention. It is a good timing for sport events but avoid “overdoing” and showing off, as well. You will enjoy the company of your friends more and you might want to catch up with them. You can fall in love or “have a crush” on someone at first sight but get bored quickly, after.

When the Moon is in Taurus, the rhythm slows down and thoughts intensify. It is time to take care of your body and of your mind, in a beautiful place with a cozy atmosphere. You might want to stay alone or only with your close ones, away from the noises and the agitation. It is a time to stay still, to revitalize and appreciate “being” more than “doing”. Love will surely be on your agenda on these days as Taurus is ruled by Venus. Beauty will be more important as well as artistic expression.

When the Moon is in Gemini, everything goes faster and it is difficult to walk, you will have to run. The mind is sharper, more alert and it changes direction quickly, which could be a sign of instability. Talking too much and without concentration could be the trick, it could be more difficult to focus on a specific topic. The moon in Gemini is flirtatious and it wouldn’t lead to any commitment. Freedom and selfishness could easily win!

When the Moon is in Cancer, you would like to stay at home and avoid any confrontation. You could be easily hurt or rejected and you need a place to feel safe and to revitalize. You might feel more responsible, more protective towards family members but worrying isn’t necessary. Try to focus on the positive, avoid the worst case scenario as your mind will be more imaginative. Intuition will be more powerful! You will be more in touch with your feminine part as Cancer is ruled by the Moon!

When the Moon is in Leo, you will not be discrete, you will make a lot of noise in order to get noticed and not taken for granted. You might have a power crisis and you will want to be the “number One”. You might be inclined to think in terms of efficiency and you will compete with any kind of concurrent. On the work scene or in a sportive competition, you will do everything to win and be in the limelight. Keep yourself grounded, don’t waste your money in order to show off!

When the Moon is in Virgo, we are more compassionate and available to help others. There is no place for daydreaming, the schedule has to be respected and the goals, finalized. Any change can be upsetting with a Virgo Moon as every detail has been taken in consideration. The outlook is more important then, it is essential to face the public with the complete uniform and a great smile. Intellectual talks are welcome but gossiping and criticizing will be on the agenda!

When the Moon is in Libra, you will be peace orientated and you will make the necessary compromises to keep things flowing. If you are involved in a trial or a dispute, you will have a fair attitude and will respect the rules. It’s the perfect time for a “rendezvous” as Venus rules Libra but it can also be the perfect moment to meet your bank manager, if you need a loan. It’s a great time to host a party as well, everybody will be in the mood and the success is guaranteed!

When the Moon is in Scorpio, don’t expect any light stuff, topics will be heavy and demanding and you won’t be able to get away. You will face it or lose it, things can be tough. This is a good timing for investigation and research, it will be impossible to fool you, anymore. It would be good not to take things too personally and not to expect too much, people won’t play it easy. It is nevertheless a good moment for sex, don’t lose the possibility to seduce and make love, it’s going to be intense and passionate!

When the Moon is in Sagittarius, you will feel more adventurous and you will head for your own goals and satisfactions. You will appreciate being involved in a teaching position as you like sharing what you have learned and discovered. If a sport competition has been planned for the day, you could easily be the winner. You will be more inclined to family reunions as the traditions will seem more important at this stage. You could book a plane ticket for a faraway trip. You could go for a date as well and make a big impression!

When the Moon is in Capricorn, it is time for serious talks and important meetings. Nothing will be taken for granted, everything will be analyzed and criticized if necessary. If you want to borrow money from the bank, this is a good moment, your objectives will be supported. If you need to sign a document, this is perfect, nothing will slip away from your inquisitive eyes. Don’t expect any romanticism from your lover today, money matters will take over and your love life will take the back seat for a few days.

When the Moon is in Aquarius, don’t expect things to work like they should, Uranus its ruler, might change your plans without any warning. With such a placement, you’d better be flexible and go with the flow if you don’t want to experience conflicts and stressful situations. You would be well inspired to keep track of your ideas, some might be quite innovative and very productive as well. If you want to impress someone, this is the right time but be aware that conventional people won’t follow you!

When the Moon is in Pisces, you cannot expect too much as people won’t be reactive. They could be lost in their dreams and you won’t be able to rely on them. Because of Neptune, the Pisces ruler, don’t plan too big on this day or you will be disappointed. You will not see clearly today therefore it will be better to stay away from important discussions or decisions. Spending time with your partner, going to the movies or to an exhibition could be the best option for such a foggy day!

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