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When the Sun fights Pluto…

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On January 16, 2022 at 3:49 pm Paris time, the Sun will enter into conjunction with Pluto. The effects of this astral configuration will last until the next day, January 17. The Sun has no special qualities in Capricorn except that it is the principle of Life and Consciousness in a sign whose ruler is Saturn, which governs cold and death. We can conclude that he is still in adversity while since the winter solstice, his power is slowly growing. He represents our will to live, to exist, to be recognized and loved. It also represents our creative power. Pluto owes his name to the Roman god of the underworld, but also of the riches that were reputed to be found in the bowels of the Earth. Thus, we could deduce a little quickly that the conjunction of these two stars is harmful. Indeed, it will bring intense emotional turmoil, Pluto upsetting our certainties, our projects and confronting us with a harsh reality without regard for our ego. Similarly, Pluto could bring us disappointments in love or at least doubts about our current relationship. But this star has a real transforming power and what is transformation if not the death of one form to give birth to another? Through this confrontation with our shadow, as Jung said, we will come out of it grown up, more mature, because let’s not forget that what does not kill us makes us stronger.

The most concerned signs

Virgos, who by nature are already very fussy about hygiene and health, will be even more so, sometimes bordering on hypochondria. This conjunction could also have a strong impact on Pisces natives, especially in their married life which will be subject to arguments over details and their intimate life which will seem a bit too inhibited. Geminis will tend to over-mentalize and not let their heart speak enough. Taurus and Scorpio will be able to take advantage of this influence. For the former, it could be a lucky day when finances and personal creative initiatives are favored. The latter will encounter opportunities for professional change that will be up to them to seize. Similarly, Cancers will take advantage of this celestial configuration to have their feet on the ground and take stock of their future projects in a concrete way.

Backlash from the health crisis and social tensions

From the point of view of world astrology, this Mercury-Mars conjunction in Virgo could create an effervescence in the scientific world to find solutions to the Covid crisis (Virgo being a sign related to the world of diseases). These solutions will not be easily accepted and could provoke violent opposition from the people who will be joined by a part of the intellectual and/or journalistic world. This could also correspond to a moment of crisis in the world of work. This could be particularly the case in France where this conjunction falls in the 6th house of the 5th republican chart, corresponding to the field of health and employment. Note that Mercury, ruler of the 3rd and 6th houses in this chart, could, through its conjunction to Mars, induce strong social movements in the transportation industry and among merchants.

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