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What the full Moon in total eclipse on May 16, the hidden elements…

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It will be under a total eclipse of this Full Moon on May 16, 2022. It will point its energy at 6:16 am, CET, at 25°19 in Scorpio. In this intense sign, this eclipse will amplify its vibrations, warning of a tendency to make decisions under the influence of emotion. Its square with Saturn will question decisions, its trine to Neptune will bring luck to those who know how to seize it.

Requirements to be moderated

A certain harshness could be felt in relationships with others due to the square of this Full Moon with Saturn, which will have nothing to do with states of mind when it comes to defending one’s values or territory. On a more general level, this New Moon in Scorpio will focus on finances and the way to manage your daily life financially and materially. Speaking of exchanges, Mercury in retrograde in Gemini will show itself to be extremely determined in not to give up and shall prove to be fierce, in terms of negotiations as well as in terms of discussions. However, beware of inappropriate words that may offend people’s sensibilities. The Moon’s trine with Mars will bring support to your projects and will soften your tone and relationships.

Make way for good vibes

In a sextile with Pluto, the Full Moon heralds a period to be treated with calmness, in order to become aware of the importance of certain relationships and the necessity to maintain them over time, as one would take care of a beautiful plant. Its trine with Neptune will incite a true introspection for a deep transformation, a questioning of the meaning to give to one’s life. The Mars/Neptune conjunction will sow confusion about future projects, hence the importance of evacuating toxic energies and negative emotions, in order to have a real idea of the possibilities and concrete areas. Mars and Neptune will also form a sextile with the Sun, offering the possibility to direct your will towards improving your comfort, well-being and environment.

Optimism is the order of the day

During this Full Moon in Scorpio, personal concerns will overshadow external events. Jupiter in Aries will focus its energies, through its own desires and will show itself to be hyper motivated and put ambitions forward. Me first, then others, because you are never better served than by yourself, which will proclaim this individualism through strength and enthusiasm. Its sextile with Mercury will open-up communication and exchanges on both the professional and personal sides. Venus will also travel in Aries, displaying an uninhibited seduction and the goddess of love will have a slogan: « who loves me follows me and the others, well too bad for you ». She will be generous to lonely hearts, favoring those who are ready to fall in love for a night or for life. Her semi-sextile with Uranus will bring its share of pleasant surprises and couples will experience a renewal of passion, with several projects in their heart and mind.

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