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What is the influence of the Moon?

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The Moon has a mystical place in human culture. People have always performed rites following the lunar calendar in different regions of the planet. The moon’s influence on literature and language appears in many sentences:

To be “over the Moon”, “reach for the Moon”, “once in a blue Moon” are some of them. The word “lunatic” derives from Luna, the Moon. Many musicians and composers were inspired by the Moon. “Moonlight Sonata” from Beethoven, is one of many examples. Many myths have built up regarding the effects the Moon has on us.

What influence does it have on our body?

The Moon has an effect on tides and nature, it should have some impact on us, as well. Bio-dynamics are calculated on the motion of the Moon and its cycles. New Moon and Full Moon seem to have an influence even if the researches don’t prove this. Menstruation seem to be closely connected to the Moon cycle.

There has been a lot of strong believing linked to the Full Moon, it was blamed for:

– making people crazy,

– preventing people from sleeping,

– increasing fertility and births

– being the cause of Epileptic seizures

There is no scientific evidence at this stage, for supporting those beliefs.


–              the risk of bleeding during surgery is higher when it’s a Full Moon.

–              the risk of emergency visits for pets are higher on days around Full Moons.

Follow the flow and take advantage of the Moon’s position:

The Moon sets the emotional tone when it transits through the 12 Signs. It changes sign every 2 1/2 days. You can work with this rhythm to ‘go with the flow’ of the Moon. According to the sign of the Moon, your emotions, your needs and your reactions will be different. You will adapt to its ebbs and flows.

When the Moon is:

in Aries: It is a good time for going for your passions. Good for drive and competition. Beware of impulsiveness!

in Taurus: It is a time for calm and introspection. Good for love, creativity, cooking and gardening. Avoid jealousy!

in Gemini: It is the perfect time for negotiations, meetings and interviews. Good for short trips. Don’t over think!

in Cancer: You would rather stay at home with close ones. Dreamy and mothering. Too emotional and sensitive!

in Leo: It the perfect time to show who you are and what you can do. Success and honors. Don’t manipulate!

in Virgo: Good timing for clearing and organizing. Health and well-being interests. Be helpful but avoid sacrifice!

in Libra: Perfect timing for romance and relationships. Need for balance and beauty. Can be blunt at times!

in Scorpio: Transformation is the main focus. Time for secrets and mystery, don’t jump too fast to conclusions!

in Capricorn: Time for discretion and seriousness. Focus, discipline and hard work. Don’t be too hard on yourself!

in Aquarius: Time for experiments and big talks. Perfect for friend’s reunion. Just be yourself!

in Pisces: Time for relaxing and daydreaming. Vivid imagination. Don’t be too gullible!

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