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What is a Solar Revolution in Astrology?

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Every year, when the Sun gets to the same degree it was at your time of birth, it is your Birthday. According to the place on earth we spend this very day, the Ascendant of the SR will be different. This explains why people go to a different location to celebrate their birthday, in order to avoid or welcome another possible future. It could actually change the entire process and the year ahead.

A Solar Revolution chart uses the same principles and symbols as the Birth chart. It describes the atmosphere for the coming year and the main events. The forecast goes from one birthday to the next one but some events can at times take place before then or afterward. Planets in retrograde might slow down the general motion.

What are the rules to follow?

It is important to study the SR with the Birth chart in hand as the events that will unfold during the following months, will be closely linked to the latter. The Ascendant or Rising sign. The planets close to the Ascendant, the IC, Descendant or MC will make more of an impact. The conjunctions and the oppositions will be more powerful as well.

When the SR Ascendant is the same as in the Natal chart, the year will be eventful. It will be a phase of integration, that will make a big influence on the following years.

The SR Sun (always same sign and degree than Natal chart) will give indications on the energy at work and the way to express it.

The SR Moon will show what you are longing for, what you desire. Emotions can change and be very different than they used to be.

The SR Mercury will point out how you’ll communicate and verbally express your needs and feelings.

The SR Venus could suggest an unusual approach to love and money.

The SR Mars will point out how reactive you’ll be, how much power you can have on yourself and others.

But it is nevertheless important to start from the Natal chart in order to be able to interpret the RS. They go hand in hand!

The House with the most planets will show in which sector of life, events will take place during the year. The House in which the Sun, Mercury and Venus are positioned, requires special attention as they can give important insights.

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