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What is a Planetary Aspect in Astrology?

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The planetary relationships in Astrology are called Aspects. They are determined by measuring the Geometric angles the planets form with each other.

The main planetary aspects are:

  • the conjunction 0 to 10o
  • the sextile 60o
  • the square 90o
  • the trine 120o
  • the quincunx 150o
  • the opposition 180o

There is a specific orb for each aspect to be respected for a more accurate interpretation. Sextiles and Trines are considered easy but need work to achieve positive results. Squares and Oppositions are considered stressful but necessary for the growing process.

Let’s have a look at how they work

The Conjunction 10o orb

It can go either way, the planets involved can unify their energies or compete with each other. Everything will be intensified by a conjunction, in a positive or negative manner.

The Sextile 6o orb

It leads to opportunities and brings success if we are willing to  take action and head towards our goals. Laziness can be the pitfall of this aspect.

The Square 8o orb

It will bring conflicts and stress but it will generate a lot of energy as well. Needs to be channeled and well directed.

The Trine 8o orb

It will facilitate the flow of energy and it will emerge talents and gifts. Benefits will follow if used actively and properly.

The Quincunx 3o orb

It will offer the possibility of growth and transformation. It will show what and where we need to analyze, adjust or completely change tactics.

The Opposition 10o orb

It will show two opposing factors that need to be taken into account and resolved. It can trigger balance when managed correctly.

The Orb indicates how many degrees, on each side of the angle the aspect works. The closer it is, the more powerful is the aspect. An Applying aspect means the faster planet is approaching the slower one. The Separating aspect means the faster planet is moving away from the slower one. It seems that the applying aspects are more powerful than the separating ones.

Aspects to the Ascendant, IC, Descendant and MC will make a strong impact as they will influence the four main sectors of our life:

Me (House 1), the Others (House 7), Home (House 4) and Work/Public life (House 10).

Aspects to the Sun have an influence on the self-expression,

Aspects to the Moon will affect the mood and the emotions,

Aspects to Mercure will affect communication,

Aspects to Venus will highlight your position towards love and money,

Aspects to Mars will make you feel ambitious and active or  useless,

Aspects to Jupiter will lighten your day and make you feel good,

Aspects to Saturn are lessons in disguise, watch out for trouble,

Aspects to Uranus bring surprises, changes and turmoil,

Aspects to Neptune brings dreamy moments, laziness and illusions,

Aspects to Pluto are ground shaking. Be prepared for transformation!

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