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What does Synastry mean in Astrology?

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Synastry is one of the tools an astrologer uses to point out what two Birth charts (you two) can obtain together. Synastry is the art of comparing two astrology charts to see how they relate to one another. Synastry will provide insights and several clues as to what each of you want, need and offer in a relationship. Synastry will determine the compatibility of your two Birth charts, it will tell you the interactions and the dynamics at work. You will understand better what’s going on between you two and how to improve your relationship. How to build stronger trust and intimacy. Synastry can be made for love partners but for business partners and family members tool!

How does it work?

A Synastry chart is the superposition of two birth charts, the wheels will connect and show the links between the two people. To be able to understand the relationship chart, the astrologer must first focus on the two natal charts. Then, he will translate the Aspects (specific degrees between planets) that will show the strengths and challenges involved in the relationship. The relationships we are experiencing are supposed to promote growth and make us go ahead unless we refuse the evidence and the learning associated with it. Love and chemistry between you two will appear with Venus aspects, the realization of your longings and desires or not, will be obvious with Mars aspects. The feelings of enthusiasm and happiness will be translated from Jupiter aspects. The duration of the special connection will be indicated by Saturn aspects. And so on…

It is important to check all the aspects the two birth charts have:

The conjunction 0o: familiar feeling, awakening, natural understanding, too good, too bad situations

The sextile 60o: easy and pleasant, boosts friendship and playfulness, exciting and positive

The square 90o: stimulation and uncanny complementarity, provides space for improvement

The trine 120o: similar goals, equal give and take, but the comfortable position can bring passivity

The opposition 180o: lot in common even if they look opposed, same goals with different approach

Strongest aspects in Synastry:

Sun or Moon conjunct Descendant

Sun or Moon conjunct Vertex

Sun or Moon conjunct North Node

Sun in 7th House

Ascendant conjunct North Node.

Juno play an important role in Synastry as well.

When the relationship begins, the Composite chart will complete the Synastry. It will show how the sum of you two will function, as a separate personality!

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