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What do you need to get rid of before the summer according to your star sign?

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Spring is the ideal time to clean up your life, to sort out your emotional closets, to close the cyclothymies of passionate impulses, to say adios (and forever) to toxicity. Quite a program, we admit! Our astrologer had the great idea, #badass astrogirl, to give you a checklist of the things you ABSOLUTELY need to free yourself from (don’t go all Snow Queen on us, we see you coming). Open your chakras, little shaolin and read the following!

Aries: Seum pardis! Dear seumard, please get rid of your anger and frustrations. Kisses, summer!

Taurus: To brood AND to stir up the past! The past is just fine where it is. So stop looking in the rear view mirror. Move forward!

Gemini: Your smartphone addiction! Go easy on the gB and go back to the good old Nokia 3310, it changes your life.

Cancer: Your memory box. Sort out the old movie tickets, subway tickets and so on. They make excellent fuel for this fall’s fire.

Leo: The need to control EVERYTHING. Worse than our dear Viergo, you come across as a real psycho, you see what I mean ?

Virgo: Your passion for cleaning. Ok, you like to feel comfortable in your « home sweet home », but drop your broom, the bucket and the mop to enjoy the summer good vibes.

Libra: The need to shine in the eyes of others. Complicated to be 100% yourself, let go and who loves you follows you!

Scorpio: Toxic relationships. Whether it’s love or friendship, it always turns sour. Say bye-bye to the rage. NEXT!

Sagittarius: Questionable adventures. You tend to ghost the « real world » to go off to the other side of the planet.

Capricorn: Anticipate, always anticipate! Hey Cartesian, get off your duff and stop always imagining the worst case scenarios.

Aquarius: Believing that you can save us all from the parasites that swarm on your beloved planet. Too utopian!

Fish: Old, rotten leases – it’s not always in old pots that the best jams are made. To meditate Freud.

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