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What can we expect in 2018?

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Direct and Retrograde stations in 2018

The Retrograde periods will be felt as limitations, disturbances, delays and blockages. A time to re-think and to make appropriate changes, when necessary.

02 Jan Uranus D in Aries “taking the lead”

08 Mar Jupiter R in Scorpio “too intense”

22 Mar Mercury R in Aries “winding back”

15 Apr Mercury D in Aries “straight to the point”

17 Apr Saturn R in Capricorn “what went wrong?”

22 Apr Pluto R in Capricorn “thinking backwards”

15 May Uranus in Taurus “steady and slow improvements”

18 Jun Neptune R in Pisces “checking bad habits”

26 Jun Mars R in Aquarius “went too far”

10 Jul Jupiter D in Scorpio “seeing more clearly”

26 Jul Mercury R in Leo “time to minimize”

07 Aug Uranus R in Taurus “sorting out old stuff”

19 Aug Mercury D in Leo “time to speak and glow”

27 Aug Mars D in Capricorn “that’s how it’s done”

06 Sep Saturn D in Capricorn “work and discipline”

30 Sep Pluto D in Capricorn “nothing’s impossible”

05 Oct Venus R in Scorpio and Libra “take it easy”

06 Nov Uranus in Aries” back to basic”

08 Nov Jupiter in Sagittarius” let’s do it now” 

16 Nov Mercury R in Sagittarius and Scorpio “wait and see”

16 Nov Venus D in Libra “new balance and harmony”

24 Nov Neptune D in Pisces “things fall into place”

06 Dec Mercury D in Scorpio “sharp mind”

When a Planet changes sign, it changes Element therefore its energy and its way of expression will be different.

Eclipses in 2018

Solar and Lunar are Full and New Moons that activate the energy and encourage shifts and changes of direction.

Total LUNAR Eclipse 31 January at 12o Leo “heart opening”

Partial SOLAR Eclipse 15 February at 27o Aquarius “news facts”

Partial SOLAR Eclipse 12 July at 21o Cancer “no compromise”

Total LUNAR Eclipse 27 July at 5o Aquarius “power struggles”

Partial SOLAR Eclipse 11 August at 19o Leo “keep it simple”

Important conjunctions in 2018

Conjunctions are the most powerful aspects between two planets. According to the sign and house they happen to fall, they will have an impact on your daily life. For the ones having the Sun, the Moon, the Ascendant or IC and MC close to those degrees, they will feel the effects more dramatically.

06 Jan   Mars/Jupiter 18o Scorpio “time for positive action”

09 Jan   Venus/Pluto 19o Capricorn “big stuff coming”

09 Jan   Sun/Pluto 19o Capricorn “everything’s upside down”

13 Jan   Mercury/Saturn 3o Capricorn “heavy concerns”

24 Jan   Mercury/Pluto 20o Capricorn “different approach”

21 Feb   Venus/Neptune 14o Pisces “spiritual love”

04 Mar   Sun/Neptune 14o Pisces “dreams in action”

28 Mar   Venus/Uranus 27oo Aries “sudden moves”

02 Apr    Mars/ Saturn 9o Capricorn “hard work and patience”

18 Apr   Sun/Uranus 28o Aries “thought before action”

26 Apr   Mars/ Pluto 21o Capricorn” ready for a big change?”

13 May   Mercury/Uranus 30o Aries “thinking outside the box”

29 Oct   Mercury/Jupiter 28o Scorpio “optimistic attitude”

26 Nov   Sun/Jupiter 4o Sagittarius “full enthusiasm” 

27 Nov   Mercury/Jupiter 4o Sagittarius “socialize and enjoy”

07 Dec   Mars/ Neptune 14o Pisces “going for the one”

21 Dec   Mercury/Jupiter 10o Sagittarius “no doubt about it” 

With your Birth chart in hand, it will be easy to find out what’s coming your way. It will give you the energy of the day!

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