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On June 12, 2022, at 0h58 CET, Venus will enter in conjunction with Uranus. Its effect will be felt until the 14th.

Give free rein to your desires

In Taurus, her sign of mastery, Venus will invite us to fully express our sensuality and to let our body speak. We will be on a quest to enjoy the pleasures of life. However, Uranus, whose energies are compressed in the fixed sign of Taurus, could somewhat take advantage of the Venusian channel to give free rein to its extreme and anarchic tendencies. Therefore, under the effect of this conjunction, we will get rid of all taboos and prejudices, especially on the sexual level in order to experiment new practices, find new pleasures and feel totally free. This will be further amplified by the fact that Venus and Uranus will be opposed to the Moon in Scorpio, a sign related to eroticism and the depths of the psyche. The question is: how far we risk to go, knowing that our partner may not always be in phase with our desires, our fantasies. Similarly, some of us may find it difficult to resist the temptation of infidelity. On the other hand, Venus united to Uranus and opposed to the Moon could make us very irritable and ready to start at the slightest remark, causing conflicts and bitter disputes within the couple or at work.

The most concerned signs

Of all the signs of the zodiac, Taurus and Scorpio will certainly be the most affected by this conjunction in opposition to the Moon. For both of them, it will be especially the marital sector that will be subject to turmoil. It will be a matter of passionate jealousy that will lead to explosions of voices… if not broken dishes. Scorpios in particular will feel particularly tortured by their doubts and fears, but also by a libido as unleashed as it is unfulfilled. For Leo natives, it is rather the professional sphere that will be the scene of confrontations with (in)subordinates who will give them a hard time and challenge their authority. You will have to roar to be heard and respected. Whether it is within the family sphere or at work, Aquarians will feel stifled and oppressed everywhere and will seek to escape from what prevents them from being free, whether it be situations or people. In doing so, they risk acting too impulsively, without thinking and thus exposing themselves to difficult consequences if they do not temper their revolt.

Against the established order and its restrictions

On a global level, this Venus-Uranus conjunction opposed to the Moon could have various effects. Around this time on June 11, issues related to sexual freedom or gender could resurface and become a hot topic. It is also possible that there will be scandals of morality that will stir up public opinion. On the other hand, this configuration could also be linked to strong social movements caused by an economy and a system that is difficult to control. Farmers could also demonstrate their discontent. Besides, in the 5th Republic theme, Venus is ruler of the houses

Uranus is ruler of the second house (finances, wealth of a country) and the eighth house (crises) while Uranus is ruler of the twelfth house (trials). The Moon is ruler of the 5th house (education, youth). It would therefore not be impossible that a good part of the youth or of the teaching staff would mobilize to protest vigorously against the governmental directives and the economic recession leading to a decrease of the purchasing power.

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