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Venus-Uranus trine: In-depth changes

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On the 3rd of August 2021 at 8:54 am CET, Venus will form a trine with Uranus. One will be able to feel the effects until the 5th.

Between the two Ds’ (desire and duty)

This 120° aspect is usually considered to be beneficial and enabling, except when it’s produced in signs where the concerned planetary energies are disturbed, like in the present case. Venus seems to be plummeting in Virgo and Uranus is in Taurus too. Our emotional and romantic relationships will be affected. The liberating influence of Uranus will encourage us to surpass our taboos, in terms of sex and morals and we’ll be tempted to try out new experiences in this area. If we are in a relationship which doesn’t suit us anymore, we’ll really feel the need to break away from our habits or get away from a couple life which seems oppressive. However, Venus in Virgo will encourage you to do the opposite, to show restraint and try to suppress our momentum, due to reason and wisdom. This could lead to a major inner dilemma. To surpass and master this aspect, it’ll be important to find the right balance between the heart and mind, between our desires and duties.

The most impacted signs

This aspect which triggers indecision shall mainly touch Virgo and Taurus natives. The first ones will feel shaken up in their way of perceiving life and love. For Taurus, this aspect could correspond to an ex coming back in their life, which could definitely trigger emotional turmoil, especially if they are in a couple again with someone. Leos and Aquarius will need to make an important decision concerning their current couple. Scorpios may have doubts concerning their partner who seems way too distant and cautious. Similarly, between Pisces and their partner, there will be some misunderstanding which may be better understood, in the light of interactions which have been described previously between Venus and Uranus. Cancer and Capricorn are the signs who won’t have trouble with the aspect and in fact will come across benefits.

Sanitary necessities

In terms of global astrology, Uranus continues its work in terms of in-depth transformation of our human societies and cultural habits and its trine with Venus in Virgo, sign of hygiene and health will definitely put the sanitary issue at the forefront of our lives. In order to avoid getting contaminated by the delta variant, we may also be asked to keep away from our loved ones and others. This astral context could also involve an economic background, which won’t be necessarily highlighted: a global shake up due to Uranus in Taurus and of course the Covid crisis, which seems to be preventing any resumption of growth, whatsoever. Reforms in terms of health but also work may harmonize the general legislations, but could lead to strong popular opposition.

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