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Venus-Saturn trine: Towards an inner revelation

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On May 13, 2023 at 8:58 am Paris time, Venus will be in trine to Saturn, the effects of which could be felt until the 16th.

The real, the beautiful, the sustainable

Saturn, since its entry into the water sign of Pisces in March, tends to lead us to cut ourselves off from the hustle and bustle of the modern world to turn to our inner world, in order to discover the true meaning of our existence, to reach some form of transcendence. At the same time, Saturn will invite us to be realistic and to remove illusions from our lives. His trine to Venus, a planet transiting through another water sign, Cancer, linked to home and family, will encourage us to take more time for our loved ones, to make sacrifices for them. Note that these two stars will also be in positive aspect with Mercury in Taurus which will help us keep our feet firmly on the ground, in the concrete and practical. Similarly, this astral configuration will arouse in us a strong desire for romantic commitment with a preference for relationships tinged with tenderness and depth, favoring longevity over uncertain romance.

The most concerned signs

Cancer and Pisces natives, and to a lesser extent Taureans, will be the signs most affected by this trine. The former will do a lot of work on themselves, in order to learn to control their emotions and keep them under control. Pisces and Virgo could find their soul mate, the one who will make them feel secure and make them believe in a happy future together. Taurus could receive new professional opportunities, but that will require moving or relocating. Scorpios will be able to soften their passionate nature for a more peaceful and lasting love. Finally, Capricorns will allow themselves to express themselves more emotionally without losing their sense of necessity, balancing emotional life with professional responsibility.

Solidarity and appeasement

In terms of world astrology, this trine could work to increase solidarity with those who are in difficulty. On a global level, this could mean aid from the so-called rich countries to developing countries. Similarly, governments could legislate more to help the households most affected by inflation. This will be the case in France. Indeed, when we superimpose this trine on the astral chart of the 5th Republic, we see that Saturn, ruler of the 10th house, the house of government, is in the 12th house (the trials of a country) while Venus, ruler of the 2nd house, money, is in the 4th house, symbolizing the people, but also the opposition. We can therefore expect that a certain appeasement, a certain mutual goodwill, will come about in our country.

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