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Venus-Saturn sextile: A flight towards wisdom

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On the 13th of October 2021 at 9:28pm CET, Venus will form a harmonious sextile with Saturn in Aquarius.

Be more open and let go

The latter is well-positioned in this sign and possesses traditional knowledge of it (right until one discovers Uranus) and represents our ability to question the established order, our way of functioning within our social and professional relationships. This aspect with Venus in the Jupiterian sign of Sagittarius will encourage us to be more open-minded and tolerant. We’ll be less focused on our habits and certainties which are triggered due to the cultural context and will be capable of looking at the world through a new angle, through more fraternity. The same goes in love, this Venus/Saturn sextile will encourage us to put aside our restraints and inhibitions and express ourselves more and genuinely experience our feelings by disregarding our rather restrictive conventions. It’ll also help our tendency of parochial worship with our loved one, possessiveness and easily accept that the other person doesn’t belong to us. This also applies to parental relationships.

The most favored signs

Sagittarius and Aquarius will be the happy winners of this astral configuration. Sagittarius may come across new professional opportunities, which will lead to more freedom and income while Aquarians will come across a move, a transfer. Aries natives will benefit from great changing energies at work. For Libras, a romantic encounter will give a new lease on life and other perspectives. To a lesser extent, Gemini and Leos will make the most of these impulses, though it’ll be tougher for Leos to handle. They’ll make difficult decisions in terms of their emotional life, for their happiness and emancipation but it could also be on an impulse, but in a rather reckless manner.

International expansion and fraternity

In terms of global astrology, this Venus-Saturn sextile will encourage states to work towards more International friendship and assistance. This could concern concrete actions, in favor of developing countries or those at war. Like Afghanistan for example. A certain reconciliation between USA governed by Sagittarius and Russia governed by Aquarius, could also take place. In France, this aspect falls in the 8th house (transformations) and 11th (great projects) of the 5th Republic’s team. Therefore, one can aspire for new financial arrangements from the government, in terms of national education but also scientific research. The state may offer help in favor of the most unprivileged ones and mainly migrants fleeing hostile zones. A quest for peace, compromise may be sought after, between the governments and its restriction policy for freedom. Some measures in this area may be eased.

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