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Venus-Jupiter square: Are you bold enough to commit?

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On July 25, 2022, at 8:14 am CET, Venus will be squared with Jupiter. The effect of this configuration will be felt until August 2.

Freedom or love

Venus, planet of love, will be in the romantic and sentimental sign of Cancer, while Jupiter, planet of expansion and ardor, shall be in the fiery sign of Aries. This square may cause you to feel torn between the choice of an exclusive and long-lasting relationship and the desire to remain free, enjoying life and its pleasures without commitment. This antinomy can make us indecisive or on the contrary, it can make us act on a whim, slamming the door of the home and leave for the unknown or ending a relationship even if we regret it later. In the same way, we could be offered professional opportunities requiring a change in life, region or even country and thus move away from the family cocoon. Faced with these difficult choices, it is likely that our emotions will be heightened and that it will be easy to go from laughter to tears in the blink of an eye.

The most concerned signs

More than any other, Aries and Cancer will be affected by this square. For the former, the family, the home can be experienced as a straitjacket that seems to lock you, you will need change and adventure. Cancers will be directly be concerned by professional prospects that require you to cast off your ties, to cut the umbilical cord with the past. Librans, on the other hand, may come into conflict with their spouse due to differences of opinion regarding joint life plans. Capricorns could also argue with their partner, but it will be more about the education of the children on which their visions will be radically different.

Contested war logic

In regard to world astrology, Venus in Cancer indicates the degree of approval of the general population for their rulers. Being in square with Jupiter, planet governing international laws as well as import-export trade, one should expect a disagreement or even an opposition from the people, but also from the so-called developing countries through the logic of war and sanctions, mainly against Russia, which could be decided around this period. It is interesting to note that for France, Venus, ruler of the 7th (international agreements) and 2nd (the nation’s finances) in the 4th house (opposition, the people) is squared with Jupiter, ruler of the 10th (the government). We might as well say that the decisions taken by our president, rightly Jupiterian, in terms of foreign policy will be far from being unanimous…

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