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Venus in Sagittarius

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After a long period in the secretive Scorpio, due to its retrograde period, Venus is entering the enthusiastic sign of Sagittarius on January 7.

Hooray, it is a time of light and lightness, after some dark and complicated situations! It is going to be a complete relief after so much questions and deep thoughts. In Sagittarius, Venus is easygoing, cheerful, playful, open and free. Strong will, ambitious, straight to the point and full smile, are guaranteed with this positive influence.

Living life full on, risk-taking, competing, the Sagittarian Venus is exciting and delightful. But don’t expect too much, it is more about seducing and flirting than making life promises. Appreciating the experience without holding to people or things, is a better attitude. Love affairs can fire up easily and vanish, quick after.

When Venus in Sagittarius, is transiting

  • Your first House:

You want to be the first and only one, in love matters. You will fight for your relationship, if you have a rival or competitor.

  • Your second House:

You will put some effort in your relationship, you need to feel loved and secured. You will have the same needs with money.

  • Your third House:

You will feel like communicating more. You will keep busy, moving around or travelling far away. You will expand your limits. 

  • Your fourth House:

You are going to change and improve the decoration of your home with some items from abroad. Novelty will sound more exotic!

  • Your fifth House:

You can fall in love suddenly and have a fantastic time with the person. But it is better to live the “here and now”, without planning the future.

  • Your sixth House:

You will be more concerned by your personal needs. You won’t stand boredom in your profession and will look for a better balance.

  • Your seventh House:

You will dare much more than usual and could declare your love with much passion. But there is no guarantee for a long-lasting fling!

  • Your eight House:

Your sexual life will spice up and you will enjoy the ride. You might take financial risks as well, as you will feel optimistic and overconfident.

  • Your ninth House:

You could fall in love with a foreigner and will enjoy the differences of culture and the traditions. You could travel and share great moments.

  • Your tenth House:

You will love feeling in charge and powerful at work. Your leadership will be appreciated, you will have flair for money matters.

  • Your eleventh House:

You will be thrilled by a new project. Friendships will provide encouragement and enthusiasm. You might fight for a common cause!

  • Your twelfth House:

You might dream and wait for the big Love story but your silent efforts won’t show up. Everything seems so easy and simple for others!

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