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Dating, break-up, love at first sight… Everything is possible because Venus enters Pisces!

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From January 27, 2023, Venus will enter the sign of Pisces and will remain there until February 20 when it will join the sign of Aries. The planet of beauty and love is in exaltation in the sign of Pisces and will therefore be particularly powerful there.

The idealized love

Venus governs our emotional and sentimental life, how we love and love to be loved. In the last sign of the zodiac, she will be tinged with an exacerbated romanticism that is sometimes a little too idealized and far from reality. We will be devoted, ready to do anything to satisfy the loved one and will have a greater tendency to step aside for the benefit of the other, to give everything without thinking about ourselves. In doing so, some people may find themselves in a vulnerable position when faced with manipulative people who may seek to take advantage of us. This position of Venus could also predispose us to clandestine love affairs and double liaisons, especially around February 5 when Venus will enter in square to Mars in Gemini. We could be plagued by indecision and instability.

Call to the spiritual

On the other hand, Venus in Pisces will invite the most mystical among us to transcend carnal love into something more universal, developing compassion for others and a spirit of unconditional sharing. This will be especially true on the 8th, when Venus is sextile to Uranus, which will lead us to reconsider our relationship to money and material possessions, and when Neptune is conjunct on the 15th, which will cause many to amplify their spiritual or even religious aspirations. In the same way, this conjunction will be very inspiring for artists, poets and musicians. Under these influences, we will more easily open our hearts to others, and will find it easier to express our feelings.

Signs on the front line

The big winners of this Venusian transit will obviously be Pisces, sign of exaltation of Venus and Taurus, sign in which this planet is in domicile. The former will experience a kind of exacerbation of their feelings. It will seem to them that their heart is big enough to encompass the whole earth. Be careful, however, that your excessive empathy does not make you too susceptible to manipulation. Taurus people, on the other hand, will want to get involved in noble causes, to make themselves useful to help those in need. They will also be fully attentive to their friends and their expectations to the point of being a little too generous financially, to their detriment. The mutable signs will probably have a more difficult time with this transit. Virgoans, for example, may have doubts about their partner’s fidelity, while others may have an extra-marital relationship with a colleague or a member of their professional circle. Similarly, Sagittarians could become so infatuated with one person that it could jeopardize their legitimate relationship. Finally, Geminians should be more cautious and give themselves some time to think before embarking on big projects, especially professional changes, which will undoubtedly prevent them from being deluded and falling into certain traps.

More solidarity

In terms of world astrology, this transit of Venus will bring calm and gentleness to a world currently in the grip of great international tensions. Major efforts will be made to cushion the effects of inflation as much as possible, especially after February 5, and to show solidarity with the poorest. This will be all the more the case during the Venus-Neptune conjunction of February 15, even if this could in part be a screen to hide state secrets or to make people forget certain scandals. Measures could also be taken to stabilize the price of hydrocarbons and energy in general.

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