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Venus entered Scorpio on September 9th

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Venus is all about Beauty, Art, Love and Money.

Venus symbolizes your understanding of Love and your relationship to money.

Venus transiting the Sign of Scorpio has a lot of surprises in store for us, some good ones but also explosive and transformative.

It’s going to be an intense period that started on September 9th and will last until December 7th.

In fact, Venus will retrograde and will return to Libra before heading towards Scorpio and entering Sagittarius.

What are some of the positive expectations of this position?

Relationships are going to benefit from this placement as intimacy and intensity are guaranteed. This can be good for clearing up emotional blockage and discovering new ways to communicate in a relationship. But for Scorpios, it’s all or nothing in the matters of the heart, so it’s going to be a highly emotional position for Venus. It might, sometimes, seems like a rollercoaster, with erratic endeavors and explosive reactions.

What kind of upsets and challenges can we expect?

Some of us might discover some painful truths and well-hidden secrets that can change their commitments and transform their relationships.

How can we take advantage of this period?

Now is the time for reflection, to investigate, go deeper, and to evaluate whether our needs and our desires are being fulfilled. Do we feel supported and empowered by our partner? Are our sexual preferences shared and appreciated? No one will be satisfied with mediocrity and boredom, everyone will be looking for excitement and intensity.

Venus in Scorpio is jealous, possessive, obsessive, secretive and very demanding, don’t expect the path to be easy.

Venus in Scorpio is also looking for transcendental love, some magnetic, sexy and irresistible experiences.

Scorpio governs the 8th house of total merging, sex, death, rebirth and transformation.

Scorpio is secretive and wants to know where it stands before committing in any way. It needs to trust and be trusted before it can feel safe and open up to others.

At the end of this transit, you will know if you can make your partnership work or if it’s time to let go!

You can have an idea of which sector of your life is going to be rocked, during the following months.

If Scorpio is your 1st House, your personality

If Scorpio is your 2nd House, your money and possessions

If Scorpio is your 3rd House, your siblings and neighbors

If Scorpio is your 4th House, your home and family

If Scorpio is your 5th House, your children and passions

If Scorpio is your 6th House, your routine and health

If Scorpio is your 7th House, your partnerships and enemies

If Scorpio is your 8th House, your sex and death issues

If Scorpio is your 9th House, your political and religious beliefs

If Scorpio is your 10th House, your career and social position

If Scorpio is your 11th House, your friends and projects

If Scorpio is your 12th House, your private concerns…

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