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What is your totem animal according to your astro sign?

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We will certainly teach you one (because we like to surprise you)… You have a totem animal! We’ll tell you a lot about it, we often have that effect! Then, you will certainly ask us « kézako a totem animal », it is #grossomodo your spiritual guide.

Discover without further delay your totem animal according to your astro sign:

Aries: Fearless like a cheetah. Freedom is in your DNA. You breathe determination, you inspire admiration.

Taurus: Like the brown bear, you are loyal and protective. Gruff, you mustn’t tickle your nose for too long or you’ll come out with your claws.

Gemini: Like the fox, you adapt! Cunning and a bit manipulative, you always get what you want.

Cancer: Sticky, but endearing like the koala bear. It’s your phlegm that guides your steps.

Lion : The Akita Inu, in short the dog, if you are new to canines! Not the most original of animals, but like him you are brave and loyal.

Virgo: The beaver! No wonder, like him you know how to mark out your territory and put up barriers. You stay #focussurtesobjective no matter what.

Libra: The peacock! Like him you are refined, impossible to miss at first sight. When you crush, you don’t hesitate to do the « cartwheel » hehe.

Scorpio: The chameleon. Like him you are sensitive and solitary. Life surrounded by your fellow creatures is not for you.

Sagittarius : As mischievous as the lemur. Curious, quick-witted, you have the joy of living like King Julien in Madagascar, without the buffoonery.

Capricorn : Hyper independent like a mustang. A bit wild and wary, difficult to tame.

Aquarius: Lovers of freedom like the Quetzal! Original and slightly ché-per. Impossible to put you in a cage (no pun intended).

Pisces: Owl. Mystical, intuitive and mysterious. You are 100% comfortable with your « weird » side.

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