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Total lunar eclipse: how your sign will cope with the shock!

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The Full Moon of November 8, 2023 will form at 12:03 pm CET, at 16° in the sign of Taurus. It is a total eclipse of the Moon, amplifying the turbulence of the sky and the planets, announcing a period of upheaval, of questioning. Its conjunction to Uranus will herald an electric climate, with emotions on the verge of breaking out.

Feet on the ground

The Full Moon in Taurus will reactivate passions as well as ambitions, grudges as well as shortcomings. It will not be patient due to its conjunction to Uranus and will want to sort through life and relationships. Make sure you don’t go overboard and let emotions take precedence over reason. The feeling of being misunderstood, of not being heard under its opposition to Mercury will increase frustrations, will signal discontent. The planet of communication in Scorpio will be lucid and with it, no question of telling stories. Also opposed to Uranus, she will prefer the truth to the face than lies by omission or other reasons that are not very credible. The Full Moon square to Saturn will speak of purchasing power, resources and will certainly ask you to pay close attention to the management of your finances, which will make you cringe.

Ardors to be tempered

The Sun squared to Saturn will synthesize the tensions and latent conflicts of recent times. Authority will sometimes be badly perceived or resented and this will lead to aggressiveness and impatience, with the impression of not being able to do as one pleases. Saturn will suggest that you stop for a while to think about what really limits you. The Sun at the sextile of Neptune will militate in this direction by offering a better balance by preferring a wise moderation to excessive contestation. The Sun in conjunction with Mercury will be smart enough to bet on personal interests and will use strategy to propose a status quo and not to aggravate the situation. The conjunction of the Sun and Venus will have a lot of power to make people listen to reason.

Hope in the body

The ruling planet of the Lunation, Venus, is in Scorpio and is opposite the Moon/Uranus conjunction. These dynamic aspects will emphasize the material realm, will speak of profitability, and will bring new ideas about the economy, about how to earn money. They will talk about the field of skills, the valuing of work and human qualities. On a personal level, lovers will be spoiled, and couples will enjoy a renewed passion. Venus in trine to Neptune will inspire noble feelings with a nice love encounter for lonely hearts. This total lunar eclipse will enlighten consciences and ambitions. It will realistically and objectively point out the efforts to be made.

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