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On January 20, 2021, the Sun will enter Aquarius and will travel through this sometimes unpredictable sign until February 18, 2021. His first steps will be timid and will not dare to move forward for lack of certainty. The following ones will find a Uranian rhythm, full of surprises and twists and turns, in spite of certain brakes.

Energies to harmonize

For a good part of its stay in Aquarius, the Sun will be accompanied by a Saturnian dominant, as Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto will play the prolonged game in Capricorn. There will be a real motivation to move forward, to project yourself into a more promising future than in previous months, without however knowing exactly where to stand. However, Aquarius is a fixed sign, having a follow-through on ideas, even if they sometimes turn out to be on the fringe of others. The New Moon on February 1, er2021 will herald a cycle that needs to break free from shackles and push boundaries. As the Sun approaches Saturn from February 1 erto 18, it will bring the warmth needed to carry out a project, the will to get out of its rut, the desire to give a new look to dusty files.

Drawing your stars

On January 30, 2021, the Mercury/Pluto conjunction will raise many questions that will be held and persistent until they find the right answers. Venus will also need clarity in terms of feelings as well as personal, family, relational and professional commitments. This period will have the particularity of proposing renewal, with a concrete possibility of advancing professionally, of committing oneself sentimentally, provided one believes very strongly in one’s talents and in the vibrations of one’s heart. From February 10 to 18, 2021, the Mars/Venus conjunction in Capricorn will anchor your desires in reality, while the Full Moon of February 16 in Leo will bring some bite to negotiate your projects. On the heart side, it’s make or break, but the renewal will be promising. Nothing will be simple, but everything will be able to become so thanks to the benevolent effluence of Jupiter in Pisces, who will not cease to offer each one of you a personalized recipe to draw the stars of your own happiness.

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