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The Sun enters Pisces for the better!

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On February 18, 2022, the Sun will enter Pisces and will navigate in this sign until March 19. This is good news, as it will cohabit with Jupiter and Neptune throughout this period, an omen for hope and renewal.

Disturbing waves

The Sun will be shy at first, having no genuine support from the planets, not daring to spread its rays for fear of having to fold them up too long while waiting for a sunnier sky. Still a bit shaken by the dynamism of the Full Moon in Leo on February 16, he will be content to take the temperature in order to be able to act as he pleases. Especially since the Mars/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn will bring about aggressiveness, conflicts, and disloyal actions. This powerful warrior energy will give you the strength to fight for something, but it could also trigger some tough power struggles. Neptune’s sextile will find a way out of a dead-end.

Raising the sails towards the best

From February28 to March 4, the Sun/Uranus sextile will be an opportunity to kick-start a project, a situation. This aspect will also allow greater freedom of expression and independence. The New Moon of March 2 will accompany him in these projects of appeasement, but also of concrete hope on matters related to physical and moral well-being. The Sun will then approach Jupiter, until it forms an exact conjunction with him on March 5. Its key word « expansion » will apply professionally, emotionally, and personally. There will be something to look forward to in life. It will also have its downside, since with this planet aiming at growth, all the good and not so good sides are amplified, with a risk of disappointment, betrayal, blows from below. It would also be a shame to waste its potential by laziness or fatalism.

From March 9 to 16, his conjunction to Neptune will bring gentleness and kindness. Relationships with your loved ones will be generous with a real desire to strengthen existing ties through delicate attentions and affectionate gestures.

As of March 6, Venus and Mars in Aquarius will make you want to love with lightness and complicity.

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