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The Sun enters Aries and offers us a new beginning

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On March 20, 2022, the Sun will begin its journey in Aries until April19 2022. In a fire sign, while the sky will be singularly lacking in fire, it will bring dynamism, courage and an impetuous desire to move forward. Under this spring equinox, with him, it is a renewal that will be announced, but not necessarily of any rest.

A claimed free will

This new cycle will start under the energies of the Moon in Scorpio at the quincunx of the Sun. This transit in two signs that like to fight and don’t like to be stepped on at all will not waste any time in taking up the fight, the situation having marinated enough as it is. You should beware of a tipping point linked to stress and tension due to the anxiety and anguish accumulated over the last few months. Mars and Uranus will still look at each other with a glare, accentuating disagreements and a great need for freedom to express your individuality.

From March 27, Mercury will join him in this cardinal sign of Aries, bringing water to his mill with the desire to strike while the iron is hot.

The New Moon of erApril 1 in Aries will open the discussion, motivated to place the debate towards values of appeasement and conciliation.

A little piece of paradise

After being cooled on March 29 by her conjunction to Saturn, on April 5, 2022, Venus will leave the world of ideas in Aquarius to become the messenger of peace and offer gentleness to mitigate warlike moods. She will sometimes get restless and wonder what good she will do if her romanticism no longer has power over hearts. But she will know how to close the door to impossible stories in order to heal sentimental wounds, to repair lonely souls in distress, to devote herself to tenderness and to give back to love its generous power. The tendency to see life through short-sighted glasses will be mitigated on April 11 by a Mercury in Taurus who will be more down-to-earth in his approach to life’s events. On April 15, Mars arrives in Pisces, bringing tantalizing promises. It remains to be seen if these promises can be fulfilled when the Sun enters Taurus on April 19, 2022.

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