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The sinuous road that the Sun in Virgo traces for us

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On August 23, 2022, the Sun will enter Virgo and transit there until September 22. Aware that the season is coming to an end, its mission is to manage stocks and harvests in preparation for winter. A far-sighted sign, his legendary prudence will be challenged by its square to Mars, creating surprises and unexpected events.

A tumultuous return to school

The Sun, faithful to its sign, will want to make a discreet return, but its square to Mars in Gemini could create a surprise, for there will be no question of letting oneself get trampled on, and even less of keeping quiet, if disagreements ruffle ideas and nerves. The New Moon of August 27 at 4° in Virgo will confirm movements of dissatisfaction, anger, and bad temper. Mercury, the planet of Gemini and Virgo, will hand over to its neighbor Libra, somewhat attenuating the spats and headaches, the outbursts of words and aggressiveness. The planet of communication in trine to Mars will have arguments to pacify exchanges and situations. Venus and Uranus will form a tense aspect, which will not be very conducive to peace of heart and households. On August 28, Venus and Saturn will face each other. Each one having a personal philosophy on sentimental relationships, they will have a hard time agreeing and could give a cold shoulder to emotional and love stories.

A more serene end of summer

From August 31 to September 8, Mars at the sextile of Jupiter will bring self-composure, better self-confidence, good humor, and the desire to communicate. And if not, all problems will be solved, they will be well on their way to finding a common ground. Mercury and Mars will continue to play games with each other until September 11, the time to reach an agreement so that everyone is happy or satisfied. As of September 5, Venus in Virgo will put an end to controversy by being wiser through their emotional relationships. Crazy ideas will be reserved for the intimate sphere, to live one’s love life to the fullest without being singled out. The Sun/Uranus trine on September 10, the day of the Full Moon in Pisces, will bring good ideas and intuitions to optimize results, thanks to a different and more accurate vision of situations. On the 11th, Mercury retrograde will have the mission of not meddling in other people’s affairs, thus favoring a greater freedom of expression. On September 21, the Venus/Uranus trine will accompany projects and hearts to end this double speed period as harmoniously as possible.

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