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The serpent, and if there was a 13th astrological sign?

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Astronomers ready to take the offensive against astrologers 

The world of traditional astrology is in turmoil.

Indeed, the info has come to us directly from NASA, itself! Since 2016, the discovery of a thirteenth constellation. The Serpentaire has created quite a stir in the order established for millennia by astrologers. So, what do we really need to know about this thirteenth constellation that intends to shake up the zodiacal wheel we all know?

Info or infox?

Serpentary or Ophiucus, kézako?

To know it, you must go back in time to the 5th century BC, when the wheel of the zodiac was created. Indeed, the Babylonians were perfectly aware of the constellation Ophiuchus, however, they voluntarily chose to… Not integrate it! I beg your pardon? What? Yes, yes, you read correctly, the Babylonians preferred not to include it! The twelve constellations had to be aligned with the twelve calendar months, adding a thirteenth sign would have been a bit of a blot on the landscape if you know what we mean…

However, we can say « thank you » to NASA astronomers, in 2016 they managed great feat by revealing to the common man the existence of this constellation.
So, what does this change, apart from splitting the differences between astronomers and astrologers a little more? Not much! The subject lends itself to rather heated discussions between the different parties, each of which sticks to its own position, with the Serpentary constantly widening the gap.

So, if you are a follower of traditional astrology, don’t worry, you can sleep soundly tonight!
But if, on the contrary, you are a rebel, then what follows will certainly interest you!

But who are you dear Serpentary?

In theory, the Serpentarian would be linked to the element Fire, in the zodiacal wheel it would be inserted between the sign of Scorpio and Sagittarius.

So, if you were born between November 29th and December 18th, you are probably a clever mix of Lara Croft, with you adventure is adventure. Bridget Jones, for the sparkling, sensual and provocative side like Betty in 37°2 in the morning with an offbeat humor like Mr Bean.

You recognized yourself in this description? We welcome you to the Serpentaires team!

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