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The positive waves of this New Moon in Sagittarius

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The New Moon of November 23, 2022 will form at 11:57 pm CET at 1°37 in Sagittarius. In this sign, it will deliver a message of humanism, joy, and generosity. Its objective will be to spread a will of hope to make the days better. Efforts will pay off if you pitch in and don’t place your eggs in the same basket.

A concrete improvement

Accompanied by the Sun and the conjunction of Mercury and Venus, the Fire of this New Moon will warm up the soul and the heart with a true desire for sincerity and truth in personal and universal love exchanges. The outspokenness will put the pawns in their place. The thirst for freedom will inspire desires to take one’s destiny in hand. The ability to adapt will be an asset and get accustomed to changes in the way you manage your daily life. This New Moon in Sagittarius will undoubtedly sin by idealism and by a clear tendency for dogmatism. Not all its ideas will be taken at face value, but some will be worth considering, as it will be time to make things happen and situations change, as the astrological sky does not lend itself to standstill.

Courage in all its forms

This Sagittarius dominant will be favorable to excesses and battles of ideals and beliefs. The time of the crusades will be a thing of the past, but it could well return to the forefront, even if its weapons will be different. A few diplomatic cross-fertilizations will aim to reassure you about the future, with everyone trying to find agreements to get along and, while we’re at it, to make them last. Jupiter in Pisces will try to be optimistic, trying to hide the flaws or to boost morale with promises that are sometimes false and certainly unrealizable. Pluto will put a stop to this and invite you to look at events with lucidity to face them courageously.

Think before you act

The desire to progress, to trigger a bright spell in your life, into your love life and to give yourself the means to achieve it will be strong. You will be able to count on the impetus of Sagittarius to take a step forward, to set out towards your goals and to project them towards a more promising future. The Mercury/Pluto semi-square will certainly act as a cold shower to put ideas back in their place, as soon as they turn out to be utopian, or intolerant, or even doctrinaire or peremptory. A great moment of loneliness will follow but will generate a different opening to find common ground.

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