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The omnipotence of the Mars-Saturn conjunction…

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On April 5, 2022 at 03:53 am Paris time, Mars will enter in conjunction to Saturn in the sign of Aquarius where the latter is powerful. Its effects will be felt until April 9.

On the road to autonomy and independence

In a way, this conjunction will push us to act in the best way for our professional evolution, notably by seeking a greater freedom of action and independence at work. This configuration will be especially beneficial to those who wish to create a liberal enterprise or who work in the field of new technologies. Under this influence, we will be eager to innovate, to propose new ways of doing things. On the other hand, Saturn, the inhibiting planet, will try at all costs to slow down the ardor of Mars, the fiery planet. This will manifest itself in a kind of defiance towards anything that might limit our thirst for freedom and change, whether it be the State, conventions or financial matters. This may lead some of us to adopt rebellious attitudes.

The most concerned signs

The natives of Aquarius, the sign hosting this conjunction, will have a front row seat. Without doubt, of all the signs of the zodiac, they are the most freedom-loving, and they are the ones most likely to protest against all attacks on their sacred value. Taurus will not be left out, welcoming the Moon in their sign, they will feel strongly disturbed by upheavals at work which will shake up the reference points they are attached to. Leos, on the other hand, will tend to show jealousy and possessiveness towards their spouse who is a little too eager to cultivate their independence. This conjunction could also present a risk of being fined for a crime. Be extra vigilant.   Scorpios will need to keep their emotions and impulsiveness in check. Other signs will experience this conjunction particularly well. Aries and Gemini, for example, will feel like they are growing wings and will not hesitate to embark on daring projects.  For Librans looking for a soul mate, their routine may be disrupted by a romantic encounter that will reshuffle the cards in their love life. Sagittarians could initiate a new creative project that could be financially interesting.

 Tensions in Russia… and elsewhere

On a global level, this Mars-Saturn conjunction could stir up revolt movements, all over the planet, against measures considered too authoritarian and restrictive of freedom. It should also be noted that Russia is traditionally considered as an Aquarius and Scorpio country. It is therefore possible that this country has, around this date, to face internal tensions, especially from the most left-wing factions. It is also possible that Russia will react energetically to the international sanctions it will be subject to. France will not be left out, because when we observe the chart of the 5th Republic we see Mars ruler of the ascendant in conjunction with Saturn ruler of the 10th house (government) and 11th (state projects) in the 12th house, the house of a nation’s trials, but also of its pauperization, of its debts. We can therefore think that this astral configuration could trigger or accentuate the pressure from the street for a better quality of life and an increase in purchasing power.

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