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The New Moon in Virgo brings its share of questions

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Sense of adaptability

On September 7, 2021, at 0:52 am, Greenwich time, the New Moon shall diffuse its energies at 14°38 in Virgo. Four planets in the Earth sign will accompany it. This means that it will be pragmatic and shall leave little room for rantings and suppositions. There will be a need for solid, stable foundations to initiate a change that seems unavoidable under its trine with Uranus.


With Mercury in control of its sign, Virgo is the champion of reactivity, even if sometimes, by dint of brainstorming too much, she seems to delay decisions. Just like with every New Moon, Sun will be in trine with Uranus, which could move the cursor into a whole new field of experience compared to what was initially planned. She will hardly have time to count, analyze, before committing herself, unless Uranus encourages this duo to change its mind if it drags on for too long. Mars, the planet of action, also in Virgo, will give you the strength to face adversity. It is recommended to remain wary of a stubbornness, just to bend events to your will, because this could trigger other complications and you’ll need to get rid of these, and this won’t be easy. Mars in quincunx with Jupiter will create unbridled anger, a desire to fight for what you rightfully believe. It will be time to look at things in a realistic manner and fine-tune your expectations.

The Mars/Neptune opposition will require sacrifice that will not necessarily be understood. You will have to clear up misunderstandings to preserve your energy in constructive ways.

A gentle approach

Mercury in Libra will make discussions calmer, with a sincere desire to find a solution, as she will have other things to do than cross swords for too long. However, in this Air sign, you will need to remain wary of your remarks as they could blow up in the air, while you speak. Saturn will be quick to call her to order, demanding for adjustments, if she seems to lean onto a world of appearances. He will have to play the role of a peacemaker, by trying to find a common ground, listening to others, and understanding their needs. This shall be true, as it will be difficult to rely on Venus. The planet of love will be in Libra, charming and light-hearted, but its square with Pluto shall encourage it to flirt with passion rather than bring peace within society, relationships, at home.

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