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The mysterious secrets of the planet Venus

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In Greek mythology, Aphrodite, Venus for the Romans, was the goddess of beauty and love, that she aroused in the hearts of men. She was born from the foam formed by the seed of Ouranos, the sky after Chronos (Saturn) had cut his sexual organs. This myth highlights the idea that earthly love reflects heavenly love, but subject to time and space. The myth also says that Aphrodite, wife of Hephaestus, had cheated on him with Ares, God of war who is none other than the Roman Mars. So, we can see, how these two planets are linked. Venus shows us, in the chart, how we feel and react to love, while Mars shows how we express this love. Venus indicates the ideal feminine type in a man while Mars indicates the ideal masculine type in a woman.

the ideogram shows the circle of the spirit above the material cross, showing in this case, the primacy of feeling over materialism.

In the natal chart, Venus shows us what we like and the type of person we are attracted to. It also shows our way of loving, our relationships, but also our artistic and clothing tastes. It also indicates how we present ourselves to others, our sense of beauty and aesthetics. Finally, it indicates (with Jupiter) our chances of material success.

Venus Analogies

Signs : Taurus and Libra

House: 2nd (money, finances) and 7th (marriage, contracts, associations)

Metal: copper

Color: green

Body parts: throat

Keywords: feeling, beauty, harmony, art, love, tenderness, union, sociability, aestheticism

Venus in signs

Aries: Tendency to flirt, impulsive in love, likes competition.

Taurus: Sensuality and fidelity in love. Tendency towards possessiveness, aptitude for art, especially singing.

Gemini: Cerebral, need for intellectual exchanges in love, sometimes tendency to indecision and inconstancy.

Cancer: Romantic and sensitive in love. Needs emotional security. Love is conceived in the context of creating a home, a family.

Leo: Fiery and passionate love. He likes to be admired. Jealous, he can nevertheless be fickle due to the desire to please.

Virgo: Shyness, critical and demanding in relationships. Cerebral.

Libra: Romanticism, loves to please and appreciates beauty. Attraction for marriage and harmony in love exchanges.

Scorpio: Passionate, to the point of being a love interest. Adept of all or nothing. Sexuality is essential.

Sagittarius: Can be at the same time idealistic in love, placing it above all or on the contrary, like the adventure, the liaisons without tomorrow. Epicurean.

Capricorn: Reason prevails over feelings, difficulties to express feelings, marriage of reason.

Aquarius: Likes above all his freedom and independence. Difficulty to commit to love. Non-conformism.

Pisces: Gives everything in love to the point of sometimes being vamped. Deep, romantic, and fusional feelings with the other.

Venus in houses

House I: Refined and charming personality, sometimes tends to give in too quickly to requests.

House II : Taste for beautiful objects, valuable goods, strong sensuality.

House III: Ease to charm through speech or writing, eloquence, and ability to conciliate.

House IV: Love for home and family, dependence on love.

House V: Creativity, artistic talents. Need to feel very much in love, love of children, educational ability.

House VI: Love at work, robust health.

House VII : Good understanding with the spouse, importance of the marriage. Very sociable and kind character.

House VIII : Particular importance of sexuality in love, sentimental crises, money by marriage.

House IX : Love for travel, adventure, partner of foreign origin.

X House: Professional success, love relationship in the professional context.

House XI: Friendship is very important, spirit of cooperation, sometimes blurred boundaries between love and friendship.

House XII: Artistic tastes and abilities, empathy for the other, love can cause pain.

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