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The mysterious effects of the Mercury-Pluto opposition

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On July 18, 2022 at 9:00 am CET, Mercury will be opposed to Pluto. The effect of this configuration will not last long as it will be felt only until the 19th.

Heightened emotions and perceptions

Mercury, planet of the mind and intellect, in Cancer, sign of water and therefore of emotional and intuitive sensitivity, will also be in conjunction with the Sun and in trine with the Moon in Pisces. Given these various influences, we will be in direct contact with the invisible, the subtle and will feel things more easily. This can manifest itself in the form of flashes, premonitions. We can expect to experience strange and significant dreams, to guess what the other person is going to say before he/she opens his/her mouth. All this could disturb the most Cartesian ones among us, by questioning our certainties and our conviction to live in a reassuring world based on materialism and rationalism. This is the meaning of the opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. This configuration will also have the effect of pushing our emotions to the limit. Many of us will feel great empathy for the suffering of others, human or animal, and will find it difficult to tolerate that distress is to be ignored, meaning indifference. In the same way, in our love and family relationships, we will need more signs of love and tenderness, and the most reserved ones among us will sometimes find it difficult, to manage their emotions.

The cardinal signs, once again in the front line

Once again, as with the Mars-Pluto square of July 2, the cardinal signs will be the most affected by this Mercury-Pluto opposition. Cancers, who are sensitive by nature, may find themselves confronted with a certain distance, or even coldness, from their spouse, which will affect them greatly. Fortunately, thanks to their patience and understanding, everything will soon be back to normal. Capricorns, on the other hand, will also have to cultivate patience with fickle clients or collaborators, who will not know what to do, thus taking the risk to compromise their projects. Whether at work or in their intimate relationships, Aries will not know how to do things in half measures and their verbal reactions will be very impulsive. Fortunately, their big hearts will make them realize that their words have gone beyond their thoughts, and they will be able to make amends. Librans, on the other hand, could be plagued by a great deal of indecision, regarding their professional choices. By constantly weighing the pros and cons, they will no longer know which path to take. Perhaps they will find their way by placing themselves at the service of others.

Trade and food fluctuations

Globally speaking, Mercury represents international trade. In the sign of Cancer and opposite Pluto, we can expect strong fluctuations around the 18th in this area. This instability could particularly affect the areas of food and real estate, which will be strongly disrupted. This same configuration could also amplify tensions between the population and governments who will have to implement measures to protect and help the poorest, in order to maintain peace. For France, Mercury is in the 5th house of the 5th Republic and Pluto in the 11th house. It is possible that the French government will see its objectives thwarted around this time, through youthful revolt movements.

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