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The Moon can tell a lot about you

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The Moon is related to your emotions and to your feelings. It’s all about the Yin energy. The Moon interacts every day in our life so its position in the different signs of the zodiac will influence our emotional responses and attitudes. A New Moon or a Full Moon will have different effects, depending on the House where it takes place. Let’s try to understand how it concerns you…

Where was the Moon when you were born?

With a Moon in Aries, you are quick tempered and alert. You enjoy outdoors activities and sports including competitions. You are looking for passion, adrenaline and you can therefore burn out easily. You treat life as an adventure, you can take risks and regret it sometimes as you’re too hasty and don’t take all the outcomes of the situation into account. You are an active partner, quick to fall in love and to recover. You go straight to the point without any fuss and you enjoy being genuine and faithful to your principles and to your values.

With a Moon in Taurus, you have a zest for life and you enjoy a certain luxury. Your surroundings have to meet your expectations and your house, even more. You enjoy good food and you appreciate good wines, you can even cook yourself to pamper your taste buds. You are pretty slow and you are capable of spending too much time in the bathroom before getting ready. Your outlook is impeccable and well-coordinated. You can be the perfect lover, thoughtful and caring but your passions can make you incredibly possessive and jealous.

With a Moon in Gemini, you have to be light and funny, the life of the party. You feel more inclined to talk about light topics and to focus on the positive. You enjoy gatherings as you appreciate people and their differences. You are curious and want to learn as much as possible. You protect yourself from overpowering emotions and you might seem detached from your relationships. You’ll be educationalist and friendly with them. Money isn’t your passion in life unless it is earned easily, just like a game as you love playing!

With a Moon in Cancer, your family and your home are the main focus of your life. You need to feel good in your cozy nest as this is where you overcome your pains and sorrows. You could be someone who collects old stuff from past generations. Your pantry and cupboards are surely full so you could supply for everyone needs in the family. You are emotionally very sensitive and therefore tears could be frequent. You feel very involved with your close ones and responsible as well. Don’t put too much on your shoulders!

With a Moon in Leo, you tend to be proud and even arrogant, at times. You are willing to be in the driver’s seat while working with others. You prefer solitary activities, with a peaceful routine as you hate changes and stressful situations. Leo is ruled by the Sun therefore nothing will be too good for you as you appreciate luxury and power. You are a good parent with good values and family is important to you. In love matters, you can be loving, protective and generous but jealous as well!

With a Moon in Virgo, you are probably quiet, organized and in charge. Unless it is the complete opposite if you are the crazy Virgo who refuses anything conventional. As the Virgo is ruled by Mercury, you tend to analyze and discuss everything. Your mind is practical and you enjoy helping others as it gives you a rewarding role and position. You can be a caring and dedicated lover but you might lack imagination. Try not to intellectualize your feelings too much and be more spontaneous!

With a Moon in Libra, you have a strong sense of justice and you will fight for it, if necessary. Venus rules Libra so you might be quite artistic and creative. Or at least pay much attention to your decoration in the house. You love being surrounded by friends and partying with them. You don’t like to stay too long, by yourself. Romance is important, you can fall in love easily and change partners often. You will try hard to get a proper balance with your colleagues as you hate confrontations and conflicts.

With a Moon in Scorpio, you are secretive and you seem more mysterious to others than everyone. You don’t want others to know what you feel and will therefore protect your privacy. You need regular “breaks” to be able to recharge and refill your batteries as you have intense, even dramatic feelings. You have high expectations and can be hard on yourself. And sometimes, intolerant with others. When it comes to romance, you can be difficult to deal with as you yearn for impossible love. Don’t be such a perfectionist, accept to let go and live in the present!

With a Moon in Sagittarius, you are a very independent person and you will want to keep your freedom. Which doesn’t mean, you have to give up on family links. You will be a good parent once you decide to take full responsibility. You need physical activities and especially outdoors ones to keep your inner balance. Don’t try to renounce it, you need to practice a sport to live life to the fullest. It is important for your body but for your mind as well. Love is important but seduction might be first on your agenda. Excitement without commitment can be the thrill…until you meet the right person!

With a Moon in Capricorn, you are the serious type and you feel responsible. Everyone will trust and rely on you as you reflect calmness and security. Saturn rules Capricorn, you will do your work slowly but consistently and no one will need to go after you. Your colleagues will support you if necessary, they will confide in you and ask for help when needed. You might lack imagination in matters of the heart but you will not disappoint your partner. You will honor your family duties as it is an important part of your life!

With a Moon in Aquarius, you might seem aloof and detached emotionally but this is only a defensive attitude to protect your feelings. As Uranus rules Aquarius, you can be eccentric at times and your strong will serves your objectives. You like to be in control and you won’t hesitate to be in the driver’s seat, whenever it is possible. You are popular and you enjoy a busy social life. You like catching up with friends and you are always ready to party. It might take time before you settle down into a serious relationship but you will stick to your guns when the choice is made.

With a Moon in Pisces, you are the dreamer of the zodiac, the gentle and compassionate friend who likes to please everyone. You will always find excuses for the weakness of others. Beware of being influenced too easily and don’t become complacent with your addictions. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces can make a bad impact on your mind and it can ruin your routine if you are fragile or too kind to others. Make the most of your creativity, there is a real potential to explore. In love, you are affectionate, kind and devoted!

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