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The Month of Cancer : the optimistic choice

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Ease and comfort

June 21st, 2021 will mark the summer solstice and the beginning of the month of Cancer. The Sun will be at its zenith; it will push back on limits that feel too strict and invite us to go outside our comfort zone. The Sun will remain in Cancer until July 22nd. In the fourth house of the zodiac, it will accentuate attention to family, home, material comforts, and emotions.


Create your happy place

Cancer is governed by the Moon, the planet of emotions and one’s inner self. The Moon will bring out Cancer’s deeply sensitive nature. When the Sun enters Cancer, it will encourage us to listen to our emotions and respond to them constructively. In the background, the Sun/Jupiter trine brings good news, a moment of respite, and then a resumption of activity. It will illuminate our sky with rational hope, kindness, and comprehension on the part of others. It will offer us the opportunity to create our own personal happy space. The Venus/Neptune trine will play the role of spiritual guide during this troubled time. We should be wary of letting ourselves feel rushed, because quality will demand patience. At work, perseverance and determination will be necessary. Saturn in retrograde indicates that we won’t be able to get results without sustained effort. Under the Moon/Uranus opposition, the need for freedom heralds a desire to free ourselves from certain sets of rules. Meanwhile, the Venus/Pluto opposition will bring moments of intense passion.

Arm in arm

On June 27th, Venus will move into Leo to talk love. Our relationships, finances, and values will be infused with pride, joy, and glamor. The highest form of its energy will be found in the demonstration of one’s emotions with loyalty. Here, Venus will not stand for mediocrity. This will be the time to put one’s best qualities and talents on display. From July 1–5, the Mars/Uranus square will harden the quiet, peaceful nature of the Sun in Cancer. This aspect will make it hard for us to tolerate authority, rigidity, and dogmatism or to engage in dialogue. On July 12th, Mercury will move into Cancer and form a trine with Jupiter. This will strengthen our ties to others and help us get a broader perspective on the future. On July 13th and 14th, Venus and Mars will lock arms to block Saturn’s frustrating effects by allowing our hearts to dictate our actions.

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