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The message of this arrival of the Sun in Sagittarius

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The Sun will enter Sagittarius on November 22, 2022, just before the New Moon. It will travel through this sign until December 21. It will bring in its wake a wave of hope and optimism. With him, there are only solutions, and he will be working to demonstrate this during this period.

A positive opening

Luck and opportunities will be there, but you will have to go looking for them, to provoke them, because nothing will happen on a golden plate. Sagittarius is a Fire sign and needs action to fully realize itself, but also challenges. If his mind is not stimulated by competition, a cause to defend, money to earn, a trip to organize, he will get bored and his energy will then burn out. The Sun will be accompanied by the conjunction of Mercury and Venus until December 6, 2022, these two planets moving hand in hand during this period. This will be a good time to get out of your habits, out of a gloomy state of mind and to look at the bright side of things. This aspect will evoke international agreements, contracts, and employment for those seeking work. Cooperation will bring satisfaction, especially on the material level. Education, teaching and the condition of students will be of concern.

Compromise to be found

As of December 7, 2022, Mercury in Capricorn will show himself to be a stickler for management and will have little taste for excesses in this area. Without being pessimistic, but wanting to be far-sighted, he will evoke frugality, a word that is incomprehensible to Sagittarius, who is likely to rise to the occasion to voice his discontent. On December 8, the Full Moon in Gemini associated with the Sun/Mars opposition will be a source of tension, especially if hopes turn out to be disappointing. The idea of taking revenge will not be far away. You’d better be careful with your words, as they could lead to a war of words and difficulty in getting along. On December 10, Venus, the planet of love and also of material resources, will enter Capricorn. As far as feelings are concerned, this will be solid and serious, which will reassure your love affairs. On the other hand, Venus will be less generous financially, and will agree with Mercury in advocating austerity.

A promising future

Until December 20, 2022, Jupiter will end its journey in Pisces, sowing confusion in minds and situations. There will be a choice to make, a path to take, without really knowing what will be the right or least wrong solution, as if we were groping our way forward. On the evening of December 20, on the eve of the Sun’s departure into Sagittarius, Jupiter will return to Aries. Not everything will change at the snap of a finger, but the mood will change significantly with a return to self-confidence and confidence in one’s ability to make things happen, to ride one’s destiny with courage, to end the year on a positive note and to take it successfully across the borders towards 2023.

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