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The Mercury-Mars conjunction

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Critical mind and cautious

On August 19, 2021, at 5:29 am CET, Mercury will enter in conjunction with Mars. The effects of this astral configuration will last until August 20. Mercury will be strong in Virgo which is its sign of control, that shall be further boosted by Mars, the planet of energy and action. Through this aspect, each and every one of us will be encouraged to understand the world around us and to decipher current events, to make the most accurate opinion possible. Globally speaking, we will lean less on emotions and more on the intellect aspect. Similarly, we could be more critical in our relationships with others, pointing out their inconsistencies and contradictions systematically. Last but not least, this conjunction could trigger a certain obsession for purity, hygiene, and sanitary precautions within us. This could arise and make us choosy with our social interactions, avoid people who are considered to be at risk, or even a tendency to isolate ourselves.

The most concerned signs

Virgos, are already known to be very fussy about hygiene and health by nature, will be even more so, sometimes bordering on hypochondria. This conjunction could also make a strong impact on Pisces natives, especially in their emotional relationship which will be subject to arguments, over details and their intimate life will seem a bit too suppressed. Geminis will tend to over-think and not let their heart do the talking. Taurus and Scorpio will be able to take advantage of this influence. For the first ones, it could be a lucky day when finances and personal creative initiatives are favored. The others will come across opportunities for professional change, and it’ll be their decision if they wish to grab onto these. In the same way, Cancers will benefit from this celestial configuration to keep their feet firmly on the ground and take stock of their future projects in a concrete manner.

Backlash against the health crisis and social tensions

In terms of global astrology, this Mercury-Mars conjunction in Virgo could create an effervescence in the scientific world, to find solutions to the COVID problem (Virgo being a sign related to the world of diseases). These solutions won’t be easily accepted and could trigger violent opposition from those people who are part of the intellectual and/or journalistic realm. This could translate into a moment of crisis in the working world. This may be the case in France where this conjunction falls in the 6th house of the 5th republican chart, related with the field of health and employment. It should be noted that Mercury, ruler of the 3rd and 6th houses in this chart, could induce strong social movements in the transportation and retail sectors, through its conjunction with Mars.

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