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The meaning of the Moon in a natal chart

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If Sun is the star of the day, the Moon rules the night. Together they form a couple of life-givers. The Sun is the father, the Moon the mother. If the Sun emits light directly, the Moon is a receiver, reflecting the light of the Sun during a 28-day cycle that has always fascinated men and allowed them to shape their months. This month, strangely in tune with the female menstrual cycle, goes from the new Moon, which is a conjunction with the Sun, which makes it invisible, to the full Moon, which is an opposition to the Sun. Between these two phases, the Moon is successively increasing (when it forms a P) and decreasing (when it forms a D). The ancient Celts saw the triple aspect of the great goddess, in these phases: the young girl during the increasing phase, then the mother during the full Moon and finally the old woman in the decreasing Moon. Among the Greeks, the Moon was sometimes associated with Selene, sometimes with Artemis, Diana among the Romans, virgin goddess, hunter and sister of Apollo, God of the Sun.

Its ideogram, based on the Moon as it appears to us in the sky in its increasing form. It also represents the crescent of the sensitive soul which will be found later in the composition of the ideograms of other planets.

In the natal chart, the Moon informs us about our anima, the feminine part present in each of us whatever our biological sex. It also indicates our sensitivity, our emotionality as well as our potential of imagination and memory. It also represents the mother, the wife and our unconscious.

Analogies of the Moon:

Sign: Cancer

House: IV (emotions, roots, family, home)

Metal: Silver

Color: White or silver

Body parts: Stomach, fluids in the body

Keywords: Intuition, sensitivity, imagination, home, family, woman, origin, past, humidity, receptivity, night, habit, mobility, instability, cycle, woman, popularity, crowd, female

The Moon in signs:

Aries: Sudden emotional reactions, instinctive, need for freedom.

Taurus: Search for material and emotional security, linked to routine, indolence

Gemini: Excessive rationalization of emotions, inconstancy, and emotional instability.

Cancer: Great emotional sensitivity as well as to the atmosphere of the places, melancholy.

Leo: Spectacular emotional reactions, great popularity, fidelity, and constancy in feelings.

Virgo: The cerebral aspect taking precedence over emotions, shyness, restraint, difficulty in expressing one’s feelings.

Libra: Tendency to be influenced emotionally by others, search for harmony and beauty.

Scorpio: Intense emotions, extreme without half measures, sometimes resentful and vindictive.

Sagittarius: Emotions nourished by high ideals, direct and frank, in direct contact with the heart without calculation, tolerance.

Capricorn: Coldness, difficulties to express emotions, affects. Excessive caution. Material matters and work come first.

Aquarius: Intuition, but also a tendency to distance oneself from emotions in favor of a taste for freedom and independence.

Pisces: Extreme sensitivity, deeply feels the emotions of others, their sufferings, tendency to live too much in dreams or fantasy.

Moon in houses:

1st house: Very sensitive and imaginative personality, popularity, emotional instability.

House II: The material well-being of the home and family is very important. Sometimes financial instability.

House III: Great imagination and sensitivity expressed through writing or speech. Ability to « feel » others, their true motivations during exchanges. Great mobility, the person does not like to stay long in the same place.

House IV: Great emotionality, particular importance of the mother in the construction of the personality, attachment to the home, to the family.

House V: Great creativity, artistic abilities, and success in these fields. Romanticism in relationships.

House VI: Emotionality that can create physical or psychological disorders, professional instability.

House VII: Empathy in social relations, tendency to look for a partner resembling the mother, influence of the family on the marriage.

8th house: Particularly developed erotic imagination, inheritance from the mother or from the sale of a house. Transmutation of emotions.

House IX: Taste of travel and attraction of other cultures. Studies in history or fine arts. Traditional or changing religious beliefs.

X House: Public or professional recognition. Parental or social environment stifles emotions. Parental conflicts.

House XI: To many friends, especially female ones, changing projects, interest in social causes.

House XII: Empathy, hidden emotions or not being able to express themselves, feeling of isolation, frequent and very significant dreams, clairvoyant gifts.

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